Twinkle Khanna Was Once Locked Inside Her Classroom With Her Boyfriend, Had To Jump Out The Window

Twinkle Khanna takes a look back at her first love. Scroll down to know an interesting anecdote of Twinkle’s life!


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Twinkle Khanna Was Once Locked Inside Her Classroom With Her Boyfriend, Had To Jump Out The Window

There's nothing more Bollywood buffs love than funny, embarrassing childhood tales of their favourite Bollywood stars. Twinkle Khanna is one such actress, who is known for her wits, has created an unconventional fan base. The actor-turned-author was shot to literary fame with her debut novel, Mrs Funnybones. Twinkle Khanna is the daughter of the first superstar of Indian Cinema, Rajesh Khanna ji and iconic actress, Dimple Kapadia. Scroll down to know an interesting childhood anecdote of Twinkle Khanna! (Recommended Read: Sushmita Sen Puts An End To Breakup Speculations, Makes A Cute Appearance With Her Beau, Rohman)

Twinkle Khanna had married the Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar after dating for some years. It was on January 17, 2001, when Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna had hopped onto a journey of 'forever together'. On September 15, 2002, the couple was blessed with their first child, Aarav and had welcomed their second child, a baby girl, Nitara on September 25, 2012. 

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

In an interaction with Tweak India, Twinkle Khanna revealed how one of her first love, was the one, who had taught her how to jump. Explaining the whole story, Twinkle said, "He slouched beside me on the bench, while my feet in scuffed Mary Janes moved restlessly. He was, well, beautiful. His face, carefully constructed, like angles had been calibrated, moulds made and recast before arriving at this prototype." In an article for TweakIndia, Twinkle wrote, "Love — old, young and in-between — arranged by well-meaning parents or found in unexpected quarters, has always been about a leap. The dichotomy between knowing that eventually, we will come crashing down, but not quite believing it."

Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle further explained how they were so lost in each other that they got locked inside the school. She concluded her writeup by revealing that she will not be able to recognise him now. She wrote, "I would not have recognised him if we had crossed each other on the street. I am certain he would feel the same way if he saw me today as well." (Also Read: Mohit Malik's Pregger Wife, Aditi Shares How Daadu-To-Be Talks With The Soon-To-Be-Born Baby)

Twinkle Khanna

In an interview with ETimes, Rajesh Khanna's close friend, Bhupesh Raseen had opened up on Rajesh Khanna's life. He had said that the actor had loved his son-in-law, Akshay Kumar a lot. In his words, "He was very fond of Akshay Kumar (son-in-law). It was Twinkle's idea to troop off to Goa for his birthday; I was with the entire family and when we were returning he sensed that it was his last birthday and told me 'Ab final ho gaya lekin jaldi ho raha hai' ('I am going but rather early')."

Twinkle Khanna and Akhsay Kumar

On January 17, 2021, Twinkle and Akshay had completed twenty-years of marital bliss. The actor had taken to his Instagram handle and had shared a lovely picture with his wifey, Twinkle. In the picture, we could see Twinkle posing with Akshay as he had clicked a cute selfie. Along with it, Akshay had bared his heart out for his dearest wife, Twinkle. His caption could be read as "The surest I’ve ever been of a partnership. Twenty years of togetherness and you still make my heart flutter and sometimes even drive me up the wall but then again I wouldn’t have it any other way because a smile is never far when you are near. Happy anniversary Tina." (Don't Miss: 9 Months Pregger, Kareena Kapoor Spotted Shooting With Her Team A Day Ahead Of Her Due Date [Video])

Twinkle Khanna

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