11 Different Types Of People You Become After You Are In A Committed And Long-Term Relationship


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11 Different Types Of People You Become After You Are In A Committed And Long-Term Relationship

Being in a relationship makes your life a happier one. You have good days, you have amazing days, and then you have those days where you curse the day you decided to be in a relationship. But then, every phase of life is different and these emotions are meant to be. Keeping aside the ups and downs, being in a relationship makes you not only wise, but a lot of other people too. Confused? Well, when you are in a committed relationship for a long time, you become a self-appointed speaker, planner, guide, and therapist on various issues. You are one person, but many personalities.

So, we thought of letting you know about all the people you are or you become once you have a serious partner for long-term.

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#1. The self-appointed love guru

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Whether someone asks you for your advice or not, you are always ready with your words of wisdom for other couples. You feel like your experience can help people solve any relationship matter or problem they have. You basically know it all!

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#2. The ‘I told you so’ person

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And when things happen the exact same way you predicted them to be, whether good or bad, you never miss the opportunity to grab the limelight and say, “I told you so! You should have listened to me” or “I told you, so!! You need to treat me now!”

#3. The couples retreat planner

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Whatever plans you make now are mostly with your couple friends. You organise couple outings, couple games, and choose couple-friendly locations for holidays.

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#4. The one who guides other couples for their future

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You feel you are a relationship astrologer. You can foresee what the future holds for yourself and for other couples. You can see their status and tell them how their future will be and what changes they need to make for its betterment. Again, whether they ask you or not, your advice is ready to be spelled out loud!

#5. The family planner

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Somehow, whenever you are talking to other really-in-love and serious-for-each other couples, all your talks come down to how many children they want to have and when. You also become an adviser on how many they should have. You can judge what kind of parents they will be, and so what ought to be best for them.

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#6. The permanent absentee

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You know the one who becomes ignorant towards friends and family members, and always manages to miss family functions, or a friend’s party just because they only have time for this one relationship now and their life revolves around it! That is who you become.

#7. The ‘risk taker’

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Trying out new adventure sports, trying out a crazy new look, taking up your partner’s bizarre hobby yourself; and all this because being in love has made you happy and confident and made you believe that what’s life without taking on risks?

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#8. The panic attack specialist

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You deal with your partner’s panic attacks all the time that makes you an expert on handling them superbly. So, you know how to calm anyone down when he or she faces one!

#9. The one who is a social media show off

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Without realising how much it irritates everyone else, especially your single friends, you cannot stop posting updates about your love life on the social media. Photos, check-ins, love notes- you name it and it is there!

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#10. The best version of yourself

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Whatever else you may or may not become, you definitely do become calmer, smarter, more confident and outgoing and a much better, fresher and rejuvenated version of your old self! It is the new and improved YOU!

#11. The thought guru

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To every situation, whether in your own relationship or for another, you have a deep and profound thought ready to be shared. You are the eternal love guru, the one who says beautiful things and guides people on the right path! Yeah, that is how enlightened you become!

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And whether people give you all the above titles or you bestow them upon yourself, you do manage to carry out your role in all the above personalities pretty impressively!



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