Dalljiet Kaur On Raising Son, Jaydon Alone Amid Ugly Spat With Nikhil Patel, 'I'm A Proud Father'

In a recent interview, Dalljiet Kaur opened up about raising her son, Jaydon, single-handedly amid an ugly spat with her second husband, Nikhil Patel.


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Dalljiet Kaur On Raising Son, Jaydon Alone Amid Ugly Spat With Nikhil Patel, 'I'm A Proud Father'

Popular actress, Dalljiet Kaur has been a single parent to her son, Jaydon, for many years now. Dalljiet, who was earlier married to Shalin Bhanot, gave love a second chance by tying the knot with Kenya-based businessman, Nikhil Patel. However, within a year of marital bliss, troubles crept into their paradise. Since she is back in India, she has been raising her son all by herself and is extremely proud of it.

Dalljiet Kaur talks about raising her son, Jaydon single-handedly

In a recent conversation with Times Now, Dalljiet Kaur opened up about raising her son, Jaydon single-handedly. When the actress was asked how she helps Jaydon in his day-to-day studies, she shared that she manages time in between her shots on her set to help him. Recalling how she managed to fulfill all the duties on her own, Dalljiet said:

"I manage time in between my shots on my set to help him with studies. Jaydon has practically grown up on my set and makeup room which was converted into a study and toy room. Time has always been the biggest challenge as a daily soap actress and a single parent. I am proud of the single parenting that I have given him. Whenever I had a break for two scenes, I would take that time to go for his vaccination or parent-teacher meeting. I would wipe out my makeup to look normal amongst other parents and then put it back to resume shoot."

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Dalljiet Kaur talks about balancing time between shoots and mommy duties

Dalljiet Kaur shared that despite being an actress, she would never be available for any work party or get-togethers as she used to rush home to be with her son, Jaydon. While on weekdays she juggled between her personal and professional duties, it was difficult when Jaydon stayed at home during weekends. The doting mommy mentioned that her son has grown into a mature and kind gentleman and she's proud of him. She said:

"I was never available for any work party or get-togethers as I would run to be with Jaydon and hope he hadn't slept before I reached. Every single day, I would first send him to school and then rush to shoots. Weekends were tough as I had to go on sets while he stayed home. He is an independent and a grown-up boy now. We video call all the time when I travel. He is a mature, kind, very emotional and gentleman who I am very proud of. He makes me believe in goodness of the world and he is my inspiration to smile through anything and everything because of the truth he holds in his eyes."

Dalljiet Kaur talks about her son, Jaydon's upbringing

Talking about her current relationship with her son, Jaydon, Dalljiet Kaur mentioned that the former is her strength, and she can make the toughest decisions to protect him. She further shared that she has given a good upbringing to Jaydon and said that any girl who will come into his life would thank his mommy for his sanskar. In her words:

"He is my strength. He is my reason for every decision that I take. I would go through the toughest of decisions to protect him and would never blink an eye to rescue him. He is a good man in the making and I know any girl who will come in his life eventually will thank me for the sanskar me and my family have embodied in him."

Dalljiet Kaur wants her son to be proud of her journey

Dalljiet Kaur was further asked if she goes out for vacations with her son, Jaydon, and she shared that she loves travelling with him. Calling him her best travel partner, the actress talked about their fondness for spicy food and revealed how they laugh and chill together. Dalljiet also mentioned that she wants her son to be proud of her journey when he grows up and said:

"Yes, we go on holidays as and when possible. I love travelling with him. He is the best travel partner. We both love spicy food; he is a fun traveller. We laugh and chill during our holiday. I am lucky to have Jaydon in my life and I hope I'll make him proud of my journey when he grows up."

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Dalljiet Kaur says she is a proud father to her son, Jaydon

Dalljiet Kaur also talked about the struggles of being a single parent to her son, Jaydon, and revealed that she provided everything for him. From buying a car to paying for a driver and catering to his school fees and extracurricular activities, the actress did it all for her son herself. Dalljiet mentioned that she is a proud father to Jaydon and has been maintaining a perfect balance between motherhood and work. She concluded:

"Right from paying the electricity bills to driver and grocery bills, I have provided for everything. Whether it's the driver or the car, the school fees or extracurricular activities, I have paid for it. I have also changed his nappies, kept track of his vaccinations and attended all the PTA meetings. I can say that I have been a good mother. A woman can balance between motherhood and work and no lady should ever forget that. I am a proud father to Jaydon. Single mothers, raise a toast to yourself. Be proud of yourself."

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