9 Fun And Crazy Things Sisters Can Do Before Anyone Of Them Is Getting Married


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9 Fun And Crazy Things Sisters Can Do Before Anyone Of Them Is Getting Married

It’s high time you have been playing a matchmaker for your dear sister. Now, since the wedding is fixed and is coming to a close, it’s time for you to be crazy with your ‘partner in crime’ once again. Watching your sister going away in a doli is something that will make your heart sad and heavy.

The world will seriously change for both of you. So, before the time flies, you can make each and every moment you spend together extra special, amusing and unforgettable. Here’s how!

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#1. At home spa day

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

For that much-needed sister bonding time; we suggest you to take each other into a pampering mode. The emotional spin you both are going through can be calmed down through the relaxing pedicures, manicures and body massages pamper mode.

This unwinding time before the period of anxiety and jitters will be one of your best keepsakes as memories. So, go and spoil yourselves together before the D-day arrives.

#2. Twin approach

You have never wanted to share each other’s wardrobe, but now it’s time to share everything. Be it each other’s jewellery or the outfit styles. It would really be crazy to imitate each other and carry yourself exactly the way the other person has been doing.

For instance, if one of you has been a tomboy you can go for a coy feminine look and vice-versa. So, what are you waiting for, just step into each other’s shoes and see what it is to be like her!

#3. Just the two of you trip

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Travelling tops the chart when it comes to making memories with your dear sister. Endless chitchats, girlhood fantasies and childhood memories can come into play when you are on a road trip or an exotic vacation with your closest buddy.

Also, you can talk about anything under the sun- past boyfriends, dark mushy secrets or the goof-ups that nobody knows. And if you both have that mutual love for travel, nothing like it.

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#4. Photos/videos

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Since you are getting married and won’t have this ‘time of life’ again, it’s time to open the storeroom of memories together and cherish the bond that will never change. Nothing beats the charm of going back to the delightful days of childhood and teenage memories through the rare albums, vintage photos or videos.

Pictures dating back to your baby days will surely say a thousand words. Well, who better to walk down the memory lane than your sister?

#5. Girls’ night

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Who says you need partners to have a good time? Building the fun with your sister can get all the more exciting and adventurous. Girls-only fun is like a pre-wedding ritual these days, which will surely give you a high.

So, go ahead and arrange for a pyjama party at home, get sloshed, spill the beans (without keeping a record) and talk anything. In fact, you can make it epic by drinking beyond control. But make sure you are home in that case.

#6. Cook together


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Cooking, relationship and fun! You must be thinking how they are related? Well, they actually are and go hand-in-hand helping people to connect and strengthen the bond. Preparing a meal is not only a way to celebrate together before your sister bids goodbye to your family, but also makes a great story.

So, why not stand by each other while you churn out some delicious recipes in your kitchen and eat it together. Even if one of you doesn’t want to indulge, just being there as a support through the whole process can work well to spend some quality with each other.

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#7. Shopping

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

Regardless of where you lie on that sisterly bond spectrum when it comes to giving each other your best, shopping surely deserves a great mention. Strolling through the showrooms and trying out the latest fashion outfits and the coffee breaks with your dear sister will surely make your day.

We suggest you both to put that wedding shopping on hold as you anyways have to do it sometime later. Just go crazy with the not-so-important, but cool and fun stuffs like buying face-washes, candy-coloured nail paints, quirky hair pins, etc. This will get you both charged up and very excited.

#8. Movie way

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

Nothing can cover up for the loss and void once your sister has walked down the aisle. But at least, you can utilise the present time you have the best way. Fill it with laughter, fun and enjoyment and just reunite. And for that, movies can be a perfect way to spend time together and laze it out. So, go for movies that are relatable and beautifully explore the sister’s or friend’s relationship.

Chick flicks like Bridesmaids, Queen, Mean Girls and Angry Indian Goddesses are a few of an out-and-out female buddy film. So, grab a bowl of munchies and settle down in front of the screen together while you still have time.

#9. Share your secrets

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

Come-on! You have grown up with her, and your sister is the only one whom who can trust blindly. So, the time to brush things under the carpet is over now. It’s time to share your dark secrets and the firsts that you have long kept it to yourself.

The first time you tried to smoke, or alcohol, your first crush, first boyfriend- nothing is off limits with her. Just make her promise that it would remain forever with her.

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While you both are damn busy making the marriage memorable in traditional ways, there is something out-of-the-box you need to look up to. That is taking out time and de-stressing before the hectic road to the aisle begins. Once you or your sister gets married, you won’t be able to spend time with each other the way you used to. So, opt for some really great ways to unwind before the momentous occasion and make memories to cherish all your life.



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