The Incredible Love Story Of This Couple Will Show You The Depth Of True Love


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The Incredible Love Story Of This Couple Will Show You The Depth Of True Love

People were stunned when she chose to marry him. They said it could never work. Three years later, things couldn’t be better.

In an age when marriages are breaking at the drop of a hat, often without a formidable rhyme or reason, it is endearing to see a love story as beautiful and as unique as this one.

College sweethearts, Ian and Larissa, like any other couple had eyes full of dreams. Dreams of getting married, having children and building their castle of love- Together! But, something happened, something so tragic that changed their lives forever!

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Ian met with an accident and in the car crash, he hemorrhaged his brain. The once happy and full of life man was left in a wheelchair, without the ability to speak, walk and care for himself. In that very moment, the life must have stopped from him. The fear of losing not just yourself, but the person you love, can make life nothing but worst! But, when love is true, it stands by you on your good days, but moves even closer on your bad days. And, something similar happened with Ian.

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I Love You- sounds best when said in actions more than words!

Despite his life-altering accident, Larissa’s love for Ian did not change a bit. Larissa was confident that there could be nobody else in her life but him. There was nothing that could stop her from spending her entire life with her love. And, soon, Larissa tied herself in the marital bliss with Ian.

Their wedding, held in the beautiful outdoor forest setting, was mesmerising. But more striking than anything else was the unadulterated joy in the couple’s eyes. The moment when Larissa sets down her bouquet to help Ian stand for the ceremony brings a tear to your eye.

Is this not the real meaning of marriage, being the support system for each other for a lifetime?

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Love is in soul not in body!

From whispering little things to Ian as the minister reads out beautiful verses, to getting Ian smile for pictures, to gently helping him hold the knife as they cut their wedding cake- their presence in each other’s soul can be felt in all the moments.

Over the years, Ian’s condition has become better and is steadily improving. Ian as a perfect caring husband fills his wife’s life with smiles. With his sense of humour and zest for life, he makes everyday special for her. Larissa, who in every sense is an example of true love, is so endearingly sensitive to her husband’s needs that it melts your heart.

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Here is what Ian has to say about his wife, "I see God more clearly, when I am having conversations with Larissa.” and for Larissa, “I still don't think that Ian would have ever left me if the role had been reversed. And walking away from my best friend was never truly an option.”

Walk together to make life worth living!

Ian and Larrisa, despite that life-changing accident, are still grateful to God for what they have. They are thankful that they have each other on their side. They trust each other and that trust gives them strength to take care of each other every single day!

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Ian at the end of the video says, "God is awesome", thus, leaving a strong message for us. This simply shows how beautiful life can be, when we are appreciative of what we HAVE.

A board outside their home reads “Paradise Sweet Paradise”. Well, looking at Ian and Larissa, you cannot refute the fact that if paradise exists, it does in their house! Ian and Larissa, give a new meaning to love and commitment. No matter, how tough the journey gets, true love will never leave you alone.

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