Mika Singh's Controversies: From Getting Slapped By Ex-Girlfriend To Detention For Sexual Assault

Popular singer, Mika Singh has received a huge amount of love for his works, but over the years, he has become part of many controversies as well.


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Mika Singh's Controversies: From Getting Slapped By Ex-Girlfriend To Detention For Sexual Assault

Born on June 10, 1977, in Patna, Bihar, Mika Singh is also known as 'Ganman'. After beginning his singing career with kirtans, Mika Singh went on to establish himself as a pop and bhangra performer. He has given his voice to some of the hit songs of Bollywood like 'Bas Ek Kinng', 'Dhanno', and 'Mauja hi Mauja'. Apart from his solo albums, he has also made appearances on a number of reality TV programmes, including The Voice (India, Season 2) and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 2

Mika Singh rose to fame and had an instant career in music because of his 1998 Punjabi song 'Sawan Me Lag Gayi Aag'. However, he often garners a lot of limelight for one reason or the other. The singer is quite popular for leading a controversial life. Here are some controversies of Mika Singh that are still being talked about.

#1. Infamous kiss episode with Rakhi Sawant 


Mika Singh made it to the headlines in 2006 when he forcibly kissed Rakhi Sawant at his birthday celebration. As soon as the word spread like wildfire, pictures and videos from the celebrations went viral. Rakhi, on the other hand, had filed a complaint against him with NCW at the time and asked the artist to apologise. In an interview, Mika admitted that he kissed Rakhi to give her a 'lesson'. His temper issues are hardly a secret, but there is never a good reason to kiss someone without their permission. But now that everything has been resolved, Mika and Rakhi are good friends. Recalling the incident, Mika had said in an interview: 

"Rakhi tried to put cake on my face. I had instructed everyone not to put cake on my face since I had a skin allergy, but Rakhi ignored my instructions. I became irate and decided to discipline her. I kissed her in public.” 

#2. Detained in UAE for sexually assaulting a Brazilian girl 


Mika Singh was arrested in UAE in 2018 for inappropriate sexual behaviour with a 17-year-old Brazilian model. He allegedly sent the model unsolicited photos and said he would cast her in a Bollywood movie. For Mika Singh, this was a truly humiliating and degrading controversy. As per a report in ANI, he was detained in United Arab Emirates (UAE) after a girl complained against him for alleged harassment. In response to the situation, the singer's spokesperson stated:

"Someone is framing Mika. He is helping the authorities out and the inquiry is ongoing." 

#3. Mika Singh was prohibited from working in India 


Back in 2019, Mika Singh's name had again cropped up on the headlines after he was banned from the Federation of Western Cine Employees (FWICE) and the All-India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) for appearing at the wedding of a relative of the former president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, in Karachi, Pakistan. Mika's choice to perform at a wedding in Pakistan amid the rising tensions between the two nations following the repeal of Article 370 and Pakistan's decision to cut off diplomatic relations and commerce with India, came as shock to his fans.


Videos and images from the singer's performance went viral, prompting the ban. AICWA made the decision to boycott the singer's relationships with movie studios, record labels, and online music content providers. The singer defended his action by stating that it was a commitment that he had made a long time ago and that he was sorry for the mistake he had made. However, once he met with FWICE representatives, the ban was lifted. He stated:

"This was a long-term commitment that was made. I went at the wrong time because the decision regarding Article 370 had just been made. I informed the federation over the phone that I had made a mistake. I'm sorry for the mistake, and I won't make the same one again." 

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#4. Slapped by ex-girlfriend 


On the show, Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti, the singer had stated that one of his ex-girlfriends slapped him after he was found cheating on her with other girls. Furthermore, Mika claimed that because it was the first time he had ever been slapped, he finally understood what true love was all about. Demonstrating the incident, Mika had said:

“She was gorgeous. I had an obsession with her. I used to be a flirt back then and would talk to other girls over call. One of the girl's numbers was saved as 'Rakesh'. So I always answered the phone by saying, 'Haan Rakesh bol'. Once she came over, Rakesh kept calling and I was totally ignoring it. She kept nagging me to answer the phone, but I kept putting it off. She threatened me to answer the phone. She put it on the loudspeaker when I picked it up. I got caught. She tightly slapped me.”


Furthermore, Mika had shared that his girlfriend had even threatened him. He said that after the incident he kept thinking that if she can do this in private, she could also do it in public. Mika went on to say that following the incident, he began telling her everything about himself, and the two of them enjoyed their time together.

#5. The hit-and-run case 


In 2014, Mika Singh attracted a lot of attention for a hit-and-run incident. As per reports, the musician was accused of crashing an auto-rickshaw and leaving the passenger with serious injuries. Mika Singh, however, refused to acknowledge the purported charge and insisted that he was not driving the car.

#6. Slapped a doctor during a concert 


Nobody is unaware of Mika Singh's temper. His never-ending litany of controversies is growing as a result of just this one issue. Rage and temper can make him do things he later regrets. At a live event in South Delhi in 2015, Mika Singh attacked a doctor and attracted media attention. The doctor apparently had a minor eardrum perforation as a result of the force of Mika's slap. An FIR was then lodged against him as a result. Later, it was revealed that the doctor's inappropriate behaviour was the reason behind the singer slapping him.

#7. Foreign currency controversy


Mika Singh is unquestionably the centre of media attention. The 'Badshah' of scandals knows no bounds and is capable of doing some risky things. One of them was being detained in a number of contentious situations. Reportedly, the singer was stopped at the Mumbai International airport in 2013 for carrying more foreign currency than the permissible limit. He was caught in possession of $12,000 in cash and Rs. 3 lakh, according to a PTI report. 

#8. Ban on Mika Singh at Panjab University 


For every student, star nights on a college campus are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mika Singh being on campus is an added bonus. The artist, however, made vulgar and disparaging remarks to the female students of Panjab University, turning their dream into a nightmare. In 2009, Mika Singh made to the headlines after he was banned from the Panjab University campus after the female students of the college reported that the singer had used vulgar language and made obscene remarks while performing.


Mika Singh is without a doubt one of the best singers in the Indian music industry. However, the singer's controversial side cannot be ignored as he has attained a lot of spotlight for the same.

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