Chhavi Mittal Sews A Doll For Her 'Little Doll', Areeza As She Was Feeling Low Amidst The Lockdown

In these COVID-19 times, it is important to keep your kids happy as lockdown can affect them. And Chhavi Mittal is a super mommy, who made a special doll for her little doll. Check it out!


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Chhavi Mittal Sews A Doll For Her 'Little Doll', Areeza As She Was Feeling Low Amidst The Lockdown

When we were kids, we all had wished for the world to come to an end, so that we don't have to attend the school the next day. But who would have thought that an exactly similar time will come? The year 2020 is proving to be the scariest time for the entire world. The pandemic has acted as a pause button in our regular normal life. The roads are deserted, schools are empty, parks are closed and there is no one on the see-saw. We adults can understand what's happening around the world, but kids are not able to make peace with the fact as they are confined within the walls of their home. And in these strange times, it is important for the parents to keep their kids happy. (Recommend Read: Masaba Gupta Finds Love In Aditi Rao Hydari's Ex, Rumours Are They're Spending Lockdown Together)

Television actress, Chhavi Mittal is making sure to keep her daughter, Areeza Hussain entertained amidst the quarantine. The actress is a super mommy and we have often seen her share snippets of her life on her Instagram handle. A few weeks ago, Chhavi had shared in an Instagram post how she is making her seven-year-old daughter, Areeza understand what's happening around her. She had shared a video of her session with her and had written that she is trying to explain to her why they are in quarantine. 

On May 19, 2020, Chhavi took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture of her doll, Areeza with her little doll which the actress has sewn for her. Chhavi revealed that she is teaching her daughter to value the little things in life and to express gratitude. In her long note, Chhavi wrote, "It is so important to reward kids with little things to appreciate an achievement no matter how small it is, more so now when all they have is us, parents. No friends, no teachers, no cousins, no grandparents. But at the same time, I feel it is the need of the hour to teach them the importance of simple things in life. Things which denote love, and feelings, which money cannot buy. I don't know what's in store for this generation, and values are all that holds value right now. So when my adorable little princess @areezahussein was feeling exceptionally low, I decided to make this doll for her, to applaud her practising skipping every day when I work out." (Also Read: When Aishwarya Rai And Her Mom Ate Their Meal, Sitting On Ground After Being Crowned As 'Miss World')

Chhavi further wrote, "She's named her "Gillie" and she refuses to part with her! Not to mention the countless number of times she's said "I love you" to me in the last 24 hours! Appreciation is what she learnt, among a lot of other things while watching me sew this little doll for my little doll. How to show unabashed, unconditional, passionate, selfless love is what I learnt."

For those who don't know, last year, when Chhavi Mittal was pregnant with her son, Arham Hussein, her daughter, Areeza Hussein had called her friends and had thrown her a baby shower. The actress had penned a long note and had shared how her little girl had planned the whole baby shower for her, "Day before yesterday I got a call from my 6-year-old daughter telling me that tomorrow's my baby shower, and that I'm to leave the house at 4 and then come back at 6! My Little fairy had called 2-3 of her other 6-year-old friends, who came and helped her decorate the whole house with coloured tapes, balloons, messages on post-its, flowers and sea shells. I was made to wait outside the door for a few minutes because they were not ready... Then I told them that I need to sit, so a cute blindfold (the eye patch I wear to sleep) was put around my eyes & my cutie held my hand and made me sit while they did the last minute finishing touches.. then 5 minutes later they all came and Areeza removed my blindfold while they shouted "surprise" and filled up my lap with little cards full of love and spelling mistakes! It was the biggest awww moment of my life ever!! And I couldn't have wished for a better baby shower!”

Chhavi Mittal baby shower

Chhavi had also revealed how her little angel promised her to always be the ‘Tinkerbell’ of her every special occasion, “The people who matter to me the most, and to whom I matter the most were present, and the little human that I made 6 years ago created this special, unforgettable moment for me. And later she told me, "mama I'll always do this for you, on every special occasion".Was this the best day in my pregnancy... Strike that... best day in my whole life or what! The fact that I spent the next 2 hours after that cleaning the house and doing pocha is a completely different story though #babyshower P.S. She asked everyone to wear pink.” (Don't Miss: Sara Ali Khan Reminisces Graduation Day At Columbia University 4 Years Ago, Wonders How Time Flies)

Well, we love how Chhavi had sewn an adorable doll for her doll, Areeza!

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