Chhavi Mittal Reveals A Secret About Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight, Asks Mommies To Be On Their Feet

All the pictures that Chhavi Mittal has posted after her pregnancy, makes her look so fit. In her latest post, Chhavi reveals it all.


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Chhavi Mittal Reveals A Secret About Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight, Asks Mommies To Be On Their Feet

Motherhood- a term that makes us go all ‘awww’ as soon as we hear it but do you know how difficult a job it is? Nine months of discomfort (in some cases 10 months too), mood swings, bidding a teary goodbye to that skinny denim and not to forget, the ‘morning sickness’, being a mommy isn’t a ballgame. But strong ladies like Chhavi Mittal and the entire pregnancy journey that she had shared on social media made us all believe that if you take the proper measures, you can breeze through one of the most important phases of your life. (Do Read: Esha Deol Gets Her Hair Coloured Soon After Delivering Miraya Takhtani, Fans Express Concern Over It)

May 13, 2019, it was, when Chhavi Mittal became a mommy for the second time when she welcomed her son, Arham Hussein. Chhavi had inspired us all during her preggy phase and we all were eagerly waiting for her son’s ‘happy’ birth story. Little did we imagine that Chhavi will experience such a horrendous birthing. In case you want to read her son’s complete birth story, click here. Chhavi had immediately gotten back to work post her pregnancy, giving all the mommies out there a gazillion goals. And all the pictures that she has posted after her pregnancy, makes the actress-cum-entrepreneur mommy look so fit! In her latest post, Chhavi reveals it all.

Chhavi Mittal and Arham

Chhavi Mittal’s post-pregnancy weight-losing secret can be read as, “A lottttt of you are asking me how I lost the weight in a week post my delivery. Well, here's what I know... But to be clear, I have NOT lost the weight yet, and I'm 6 weeks PP (post-partum). I know how eager a woman can be to get back into shape and get into those pre-pregnancy jeans, but this is the time to recover and heal more than anything. So before your 6 weeks are up, don't even think about doing anything. Having said that, as important as it is to rest, it is also really important to be on your feet. It'll not only help you get back into shape faster but is also imperative for you to heal, even in a C-section. Another thing that decides how soon you'll lose the extra weight depends on how active you've been in your pregnancy.. so the women who are still pregnant, get on your feet!”

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal’s post can be further read as, “BFing makes your uterus shrink back, but it refrains you from losing weight. BFing releases hormones in the body that slow your metabolism down & hence a lot of women complain of gaining weight after delivery rather than losing. Don't worry, your metabolism will return once the BFing stops. Till then, wait for your doc to give you a go-ahead to workout, and the kind of workout you are allowed. Walking should never be a problem though, and you can walk upto an hour a day, along with your LO! I still haven't got a green signal to start my workouts.. but when I do, I will run, skip, swim and weight train. I'm simply itching to lift those weights again! Meanwhile, my endeavour is to slow down a bit, coz I know, I WILL lose the weight with the sheer determination & will power I have. More on this topic in a few weeks mommies! Till then, enjoy BFing! #weightloss.” (Must Read: Chhavi Mittal's Postpartum Depression Guide For All Fathers On How To Take Care Of Newbie Moms)

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal had shared another post about her post-pregnancy weight loss on June 10, 2019. The same could be read as “I have been bombarded with questions related to weight loss post pregnancy. The inbox is flooded, the comment section is flooded and hence here I am sharing whatever little I know in this regard. Firstly, I have NOT lost the weight this soon, like most of you have commented. I had put on approximately 12-15 kgs during pregnancy. I didn't really keep a track of how much since I felt that was not of primary importance as long as the baby's weight in the womb was growing steadily. And now that the baby is out, I still have about 6-8 kgs to lose to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans.”

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal’s post had concluded with, “Secondly, I'm still BFing and cannot "watch" what I eat since I simply feel ravenous when I feed Arham! Also, it's not right at this point. Thirdly, I haven't got a go-ahead to start workouts since I had a section, and still have 2-3 more weeks to fully recover. So keeping all this in mind, let me tell you, when you BF your LO, it's your body's way of telling your brain that the baby is out so shrink the uterus back. So there's yet another reason to BF. And I refrain from attacking processed sugar. I have switched to jaggery to satisfy my sweet cravings. Even the lacation laddoos have jaggery in them. So for now this is all I do. I will share my diet & workout regime in another 2 weeks mommies! Love & peace till then!”

Chhavi Mittal birth story

Chhavi Mittal, in another post, had shared an instance from her life after she embraced motherhood for the second time. She had stated, “People tell a new mother to "sleep when the baby sleeps". But let me tell you it's really not possible! Because when the baby sleeps you gotta eat, bathe, brush, fold clothes, sort out the cupboard, order groceries, check mails, write scripts, call for some essentials online, decide what to cook, Instagram too and some days, comb your hair! Boy it's exhausting! And then if the baby is kind, you get to take a 20 min power nap. Telling you, I've been sleeping 4 hours every 24 hours...zzzz... #newmother.”

Chhavi Mittal

In an interview with us, Chhavi Mittal had talked about her experience of parenting. She had stated, "Well, parenting is not something that is planned. You have to be very open, flexible as a parent, you cannot be rigid that is one thing I have learnt as a parent to my first child. One thing that Mohit and I both agree with is that we should let our kids be as close to nature as possible and as away from the plastic thing and the digital things, malls and play areas and fancy things. And we would like to at least try to make our kid as grounded as possible." (Also Read: Saumya Tandon Sheds Pregnancy Weight In Just 6 Months, Looks Fitter Than Before In Latest Photoshoot)

Chhavi Mittal and family

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