Charu Asopa Sen And Rajeev Sen Finally Reveal Their Honeymoon Plans, To Travel To An Exotic Location

Now that Charu Asopa is 'Mrs Sen' after she got married to Rajeev Sen, don't you want to know their honeymoon plans? Scroll down!


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Charu Asopa Sen And Rajeev Sen Finally Reveal Their Honeymoon Plans, To Travel To An Exotic Location

Do you know what is the one thing common between weddings and celebrities? The thought of both give us jitters (a happy one, obviously!). When it comes to our favourite celebrities tying the knot with the love of their lives, our excitement knows no bounds! Questions pertaining to every whereabouts on their wedding become our sole reason to exist and when we finally dig up some exclusive information, the happiness, ah! Our energy and enthusiasm were unmatchable when we heard that Charu Asopa is all set to become Mrs Sen as she was going to marry, Sushmita Sen’s brother, Rajeev Sen and how beautifully it happened on June 16, 2019. (Do Read: Latest Picture Of Shloka Mehta Carrying Her Lehenga's Dupatta In A Unique Way, Dazzles Like Sunshine)

After pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding, we really look forward to a couple’s honeymoon. And if you are eager to know where Charu Asopa Sen and Rajeev Sen are headed for their honeymoon, this one’s for you! Charu and Rajeev have happily entered the newly-married phase and have been given a hearty welcome by each other’s families. After their welcome, Charu and Rajeev had stepped out for a quiet family lunch post which, this duo was live on social media for a while to thank their well-wishers for all the love bestowed to them, wherein, they had also revealed their honeymoon plans.

Post-Wedding Look Of Charu Asopa And Rajeev Sen

Charu Asopa Sen and Rajeev Sen are all set for an exotic European honeymoon in mid-July. But they prior to their Europe travel, Charu and Rajeev might take some time off from their hectic schedule and might travel somewhere in the Far East. This is what he had shared, “We had a beautiful wedding and enjoyed all the functions. About our honeymoon, we have a lot of work commitments before we fly out in mid-July. But before that, we will take a short break and visit the Far East, come back and complete our shoots. We can’t reveal much about the Europe vacation.”

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen

When Charu Asopa had earlier spoken to the Bombay Times about their wedding, she was sure that her then to-be hubby would plan something for their honeymoon. Commenting on their honeymoon plans, Charu was then quoted as saying, "Rajeev will decide on that. I am sure that he will surprise me." (Must Read: Sushmita Sen Gets 'Shaadi Ka Joda' From 'Bhabhi' Charu Asopa's Mom After The Wedding, Video Inside)

Charu Asopa and rajeev Sen

Charu Asopa Sen and Rajeev Sen had gotten married in a dreamy Goan destination wedding. While we will share more details about their wedding below, have you noticed the post-bridal glow on Charu’s face after her wedding? As they rightly say, suhagan ki nishaniyan such as chooda, sindoor and mangalsutra change a woman’s look and the same happened beautifully for Charu. Rajeev had taken to Instagram and posted their first post-wedding look. Decked in a saree and sindoor, Charu Asopa Sen had looked dreamy! The newly-married duo had also taken their first flight together and for the same, Rajeev had posted a beautiful picture, by writing the following words atop it, "First flight together and that too as husband and wife.” Take a look:

Charu and Rajeev post wedding look

In an interview with the Bombay Times, Charu Asopa Sen had revealed if it was love at first sight for her and now hubby, Rajeev Sen. She had shared, "After our first meeting, we had decided to catch up again over coffee, but I left for my hometown, Bikaner. I was on a much-needed break after my show, Jiji Maa, ended. In fact, I hadn’t decided when to return. However, as luck would have it, I was offered KarnSangini and had to report on the set the very next day. I texted Rajeev from the set and told him that we could meet for coffee. I had assumed that the meeting would end in half an hour. However, we went on talking for hours until I told him that I had to leave as I had an early call time the next day. We started chatting, spending time together and the rest, as they say, is history. I don’t know if I can call it love at first sight, but it looks like that.”


What is that one thing that Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa adore about each other? She had shared in the same interview, "Rajeev is good-looking and honest. He is more romantic among the two of us. Also, he pampers me and takes care of me. He feels that I am real, simple and without any facade.”

Charu and Rajeev haldi

Charu Asopra had also shared interesting insights about their relationship. She had stated, “Both of us are looking at a relationship for keeps. The best aspect of our relationship is that we are transparent. We know about each other’s past and have never felt the need to hide anything from each other.” (Also Read: Exclusive! Unseen Pictures And Videos From Charu Asopa And Rajeev Sen's Pre-Wedding And Wedding)

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa

True that, Charu! We can’t wait to see your and Rajeev’s European vacation pictures!

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