Celina Jaitly Reveals Youngest Son Arthur Had Struggled In ICU For 2 Months, Battling For His Life

On September 10, 2019, Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag's youngest son, Arthur Jaitly Haag had turned 2 and the doting mommy took to her Instagram to post a birthday wish for her little one.


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Celina Jaitly Reveals Youngest Son Arthur Had Struggled In ICU For 2 Months, Battling For His Life

Former Miss India, Celina Jaitly had made her Bollywood debut with Janasheen in 2003, which did moderately at the Box Office. Since 2003, Celina had been a part of multiple blockbuster films, but she had decided to discontinue her professional career for her marriage with hotelier, Peter Haag in 2011. Celina and Peter have been living their ‘happily ever after’ with their three musketeers, Viraaj Jaitly Haag, Winston Jaitly Haag and Arthur Jaitly Haag. (Also Read: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Apparently Upset With Abhishek Bachchan For Hugging Her Ex, Vivek Oberoi)

It was 6 months after her youngest one, Arthur Jaitly Haag’s birth, when Celina Jaitly had introduced him to the world. Sharing the first-ever picture of the youngest Jaitly-Haag, Celina had written, “Meet little ARTHUR JAITLY HAAG, rascal no 3 making his debut on social media from our very own Indo-Austrian home Production. Lol!! This is what date night looks like when you have 3 kids. The date night is usually in the afternoon “with” @arthurjhaag nestled cosily between @haag.peter n myself whilst older Pra jee’s @winstonjhaag and @viraajjhaag are away at a birthday party. Lol.”

Celina Jaitly, Peter Haag and Arthur Jaitly Haag

On September 10, 2019, Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag’s youngest son, Arthur Jaitly Haag had turned 2 and the doting mommy took to her Instagram to post a birthday wish for her little one. Sharing how Arthur became a silver lining on their dark clouds, Celina had written, “We seek your blessings as our youngest @arthurjhaag turns 2 years old today. Amidst the loss of both my parents and Arthur’s twin brother Shamsher our family has always looked upon little ‘Artu’ as the silver lining on our dark clouds. We thank everyone for their continued love and support through last two years and offer gratitude to the universe for all that was salvaged when so much was lost.”

Celina Jaitly and Arthur Jaitly Haag

Revealing that Arthur Jaitly Haag was a premature baby, Celina Jaitly had continued, “Arthur spent the first two months of his life in an incubator. In the neonatal ICU as he was a premature baby. However, he overcame all those hurdles and now is a natural mountaineer by birth and accomplishes upto 3 hours of high altitude hikes on foot with us, he is like an army colonel and I promise all preemie parents that there is hope and not to give up even though the journey is full of ups and downs.”

Celina Jaitly and Arthur Jaitly Haag

Celina Jaitly had concluded her post with, “Picture 2 is with daddy @haag.peter hiking at Mount #dachstein and picture 3 with his “Pra Jee’s” @winstonjhaag & @viraajjhaag Picture 4 is from the #neonatal intensive care unit. I share this picture because even though it’s difficult sometimes to embrace hope we should try to remember that the sun will set only to rise again tomorrow. #happybirthday #birthdayboy #austrianboys #preemie #preemiebaby #austrianboy #twins #boys #bollywood #bollywoodstarkids #arthur #peterhaag #winston #viraaj #twinsofinstagram #babyno3 #lifeinmountains #c #celina #celinjaitley #celinajaitly #birthdayblessings.”

Peter Haag and Arthur Jaitly Haag

Viraaj Jaitly Haag, Winston Jaitly Haag and Arthur Jaitly Haag

Celina Jaitly and Arthur Jaitly Haag

For the unversed, Celina Jaitly had embraced motherhood with the arrival of twins, Viraaj Jaitly Haag and Winston Jaitly Haag in March 2012. In 2017, Celina had once again given birth to twins, Arthur Jaitly Haag and Shamsher Jaitly Haag but unfortunately, the latter couldn’t survive due to a heart condition. Celina had poured her heart out on losing one of her sons in an open letter, which could be read as “When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars… My dearest friends, beloved fans and followers. On the auspicious occasion of Dusshera we would like to take this opportunity to share with you all the following bittersweet news.” (Also Read: Kamya Panjabi Finds Love Again After A Divorce And Multiple Link-Ups, All Set To Marry Him In 2020)

Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly’s open letter had further stated, “The Gods above have blessed us yet again with another set of very handsome twin boys ‘Arthur Jaitly Haag’ and ‘Shamsher Jaitly Haag’ in Dubai on 10th September 2017. However, life is not always how we plan it to be. Our son ‘Shamsher Jaitly Haag’ succumbed to a serious heart condition and could not continue his journey in this world. Heartbreaking as that is we are very fortunate that a part of him still lives with us through Arthur, whose face will always remind us that an angel who looks exactly like him looks upon us from the arms of his grandfather, my father, in the heavens above, whom we also lost two months ago.”

Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly had concluded her post with, “The last two months have been a tumultuous journey for us from losing my beloved father and now baby Shamsher, however there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, and that light for us is our handsome son ‘Arthur Jaitly Haag’ who seeks your blessings and love in his journey that he commences in this world. We thank you all in advance for your love and continued support. Sending love, immense gratitude and very Happy Dussehra wishes your way. Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag.”

Celina Jaitly

Speaking about the marital life of Celina Jaitly and her hubby, Peter Haag, in an interview with The Times Of India, she had revealed how easy or tough it was initially to embrace the cultural differences post their wedding. She was quoted as saying, “I believe that marriage in itself is a work in progress, no matter who you are married to or which culture you are married into. I was very fortunate that my husband is an expatriate who came from a family of expats. He is open-minded and was keen to embrace our Indian culture. Embracing each other’s culture is crucial in a cross-cultural marriage. Peter has taken a liking to all the crazy things I do in India. He likes street food like vada pav and paani puri. I love cooking and over the years, I have embraced cooking Austrian food in a massive way. He is Austrian, I am Indian and we have lived in places like Dubai and Singapore, and now, we are back in Europe for a while. Travel helps you evolve so much as a human being. Your children grow up as global citizens, which is fascinating because you see them imbibe different traditions and cultures. As an actor you think that you have seen it all and done it all. But no, the truth is that you haven’t. Once you live in different parts of the world, you grow by leaps and bounds.”

Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag

Speaking about how their kids have been soaking in both the cultures and how moving base from place to place amounts to the life-changing experiences for them, Celina Jaitly continued, “Our kids are multilingual. Peter speaks with them in German and I speak to them in Bengali, Hindi and English. Coming from an army background, a lot of Hinglish was spoken at home. So yes, they definitely understand and speak Hindi, but not too fluently, as they have been studying in a German medium school. But the good thing is that, they have understanding of both our cultures. They look forward to festivals like Diwali and Holi. They ask for mithai after having a perfect German meal. It’s funny to overhear their conversations. The twins tell their friends from Austria, China and Japan what a paani puri is all about. They say, “It’s a ball filled with spicy water”.” (Also Read: Alia Bhatt Looks Like Sunshine In Yellow As She Joins BF, Ranbir Kapoor For Rishi Ji's Welcome Party)

Celina Jaitly, Viraaj Jaitly Haag, Winston Jaitly Haag and Arthur Jaitly Haag

We wish Arthur a very happy belated second birthday!

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