15 Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair, From Curly Back Bun To Side Swept Open Curls

Curly hair may appear to be very difficult to manage and style, but these hairstyles for the bride will surely make it up for the perfect wedding hairdo.


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15 Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair, From Curly Back Bun To Side Swept Open Curls

The most common understanding about curly hair is that it easily gets tangled, and cannot be styled in a fashionable way. Especially when it concerns a bride-to-be, they prefer to straighten it out and then style it according to their wishes.

However, unknown to many, there are a few ways in which curly hair can be effortlessly styled for the bride, and it would surely set some amazing bridal fashion goals. Well then, without further ado, take a look at these bridal hairstyles for curly hair.

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#1. Rolled Bun

rolled bun

A good old bun is the first choice for Indian brides looking for hairstyles in long hair. And for those brides with curly hair, who would not shy away from experimenting, a rolled bun becomes a great choice. It is simple to make and gives the hair an appearance of a fuller texture and volume. The curly hair strands when twisted and rolled a bit, make the dimension of the bun look complementary towards the outfit. It can be easily accessorised with a statement hairpin or even a freshly plucked flower bloom.

#2. Half Up, Half Down Braided

half up half down braid

As much quirky as it might sound, this hairstyle brings out the natural beauty of curly hair. Tying the hair into braids in two different sections of the hair, brings out a crisp and neat hairdo, and also gives off a vibe for a playful hairdo. A good choice for the hairstyle of a South Indian bride, it can also be created more stylishly by opting for Dutch braids at the top, and a fishtail braid at the bottom. It is a perfect choice for a modern reception hairstyle for the bride.

#3. Side Swept Open

side swept

If you’re one of those celeb-inspired brides wanting for an open hairdo, but at the same time are not sure if you can carry it seamlessly, you can try the side-swept open hairstyle in your curly hair. Giving an opportunity to flaunt your full-length curls, this also allows your hairdo to be fuss-free, and makes your hair appear voluminous. This kind of hairstyle is a lovely option for Muslim brides to donn at their nikaah.

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#4. Sleek Bun With Centre Parting

centre parting

A front hairstyle for the bride,the centre parting sleek bun primarily makes it easier for you to accessorise the hair with jewellery items like a matha-patti or a maang-teeka. One of the easiest hairdo to achieve for brides with curly hair, it is both subtle and every bit regal. Just remember to apply your favourite setting spray to remove any fly-away hair ends, and pull off a completely silky texture. Apart from the brides, this hairstyle becomes a perfectly handy hairstyle for the mother of the bride with long hair. 

#5. Messy Bun

messy updo

Messy bun becomes a good option for styling your curly hair for the pre-wedding festivities. The messy style at the front portion of your hair adds the much-needed texture, whereas the neatly pinned back hair gives off a structured look. Add an ounce of glam to this by letting loose one or two strands of your properly teased curls. One can easily add it onto the list of engagement hairstyles for the bride. If you're a modern Bengali bride, try this hairstyle for a completely glam look. 

#6. Side Puff

side puff

A side-parting hairstyle is quite an unexplored choice for brides with curly hair. However, one can easily try out the side puff hairstyle for their wedding. As the wavy curls form a waterfall effect at the back, the side-parted hair puff, adds a new dimension to the look, and also gives an illusion of height for the bride. A floral tiara or just a brooch adds the perfect finishing touch to this kind of hairstyle. This also serves well as a long hairstyle for brides carrying a veil, or even as a Christian bride hairstyle.

#7. Low Bun

low bun

Twist your normal hair bun into a chic hairstyle with the low bun, which serves as both a contemporary and traditional hairstyle for a Hindu bride. Tease up your curly hair in the crown section, and neatly tie up the central hair strands into a bun. Bring up your desi avatar, and accessorise it with an old-school gajra. And do not forget to let loose some of the lower hair strands, as they fall effortlessly on the neck.

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#8. Floral Tiara


The brides with short curly hair, it's time to dazzle up your hairstyle for the grand day of your lives. Feel free to let it open to its natural length, and pull off a unique trendy look. Giving about a totally earthy and dreamy appearance, this hairstyle needs you to accessorise the hair along the central parting of the head with just a floral tiara.

#9. Loose Curly Braid


For those looking for bridal hairstyles for long hair, the loose fuss-free braid looks good on any kind and texture of hair, which also includes curly hair. Requiring no particular hair parting, the braid adds a touch of softness and elegance to the look, and its minimal appeal makes it the show stunner in no time. It can be styled easily by placing small and natural flower buds at each hair intersection.

#10. Loose Boho Ponytail


Are you the bride with curly hair who wants it to look chic yet elegant? Well, then a loose boho vibe ponytail is just the thing for you. Requiring no extra effort to make, a ponytail gives a proper structure to your overall look consisting of flowy outfits. You can style the ponytail with small stone-studded hairpins all over. One can also tease up the lower strands of the ponytail to add extra glam. This becomes a go-to haldi hairstyle for the bride.

#11. Bouncy Side Parting

side parting

An open hairdo suits best for brides with curly hair, as the natural tresses and curls amp the overall bridal look. A much-opted celeb choice for weddings, try leaving your curly hair open, and do not forget to make a side parting. Pin up the hair on any one side, using statement hair pins, or even a stylish brooch. And that's it, you are ready for the great event. This type of hairstyle can be put up not only for the brides during their engagement or wedding after-party, but also by the bridesmaids.

#12. Heavily Embellished Hairdo

heavily embellished hairdo

Decking up your curly tresses with natural flowers is the best thing to do. However, to take your wedding fashion quotient to the next level, you may want to go into minute detailing and add everything from floral buds to fresh blooms onto your hair. Just tie your hair into a low-hanging pony, and braid up few segments of the hair. These smaller braids add a texture to the main tied-up hair, creating an illusion of heavily voluminous hair.

#13. Hair Roses

hair roses

Quite a quirky name, isin't it? Well, this hairstyle would need some stylist help, but mind you, if done correctly then this would be your new favourite way to style your curly hair. Suitable for a mehendi or sangeet ceremony of a Hindu bride, this hairstyle utilises your curly hair to be further curled and given the shape of roses with the help of pins and velcro curlers. To add extra glam, you might want to highlight a few strands of hair into a different colour, so that your hair roses stand out from the crowd.

#14. The Royal Updo

royal updo

A great option for a completely traditional Indian wedding, the royal updo is just the hairstyle brides can look up to. By arranging the front portion of the hair into three layers, the rest of the hair can be tied up in a neat bun. The layers at the front option give off the required royal effect, while the bun at the back gives a crisp vibe to the overall hairstyle. This can also be alternately tried by swapping the high bun with a fishtail braid.

#15. The Rockstar Hairstyle


For the bride-to-be looking for a perfect hairstyle to try on for their bachelorette party, they can check out these rockstar hairstyles for their curly hair. This hairdo essentially requires the bride to leave a few strands of curled locks at the temple area of the rest, while making a small puff with the central hair portion. The rest has to be left open in all its curly might, for a gorgeous effect. 

Well, which one of these hairstyles would you want to try?

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