From Amitabh Bachchan To Hrithik Roshan, 12 Bollywood Celebrities Who Own A Private Jet

From luxurious lifestyle, expensive clothing, costly cars to lavish houses, Bollywood celebs are a master of all luxuries. Here's a list of some celebs, who own a private jet as well!


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From Amitabh Bachchan To Hrithik Roshan, 12 Bollywood Celebrities Who Own A Private Jet

Undoubtedly, celebrities enjoy a lot of fame and attention from the media as well as their fans. Therefore, they work incessantly and follow a rigorous schedule. Moreover, with their ventures, they earn plenty of money which they spend on themselves and their families. However, with so much hustle-bustle in their lives, the celebs prefer to have comfortable me-time when free.

Celebrities enjoy an extravagant lifestyle and own everything that we can only dream of. Be it the expensive clothes from International brands to grand houses, the Bollywood celebs own it all. However, some of the Bollywood A-listers also own their own private jets for a comfortable travel experience.

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#1. Amitabh Bachchan

Private jet of Amitabh Bachchan

The legendary actor, Amitabh Bachchan prefers to live a simple and relaxing life. So, when it comes to travel, Big B likes to travel in his own private jet, which had cost him around Rs. 260 crores. So, be it work commitment or a family getaway, he travels in style in his private jet with his family. Perhaps that's the reason why he doesn't make an appearance at the airport.

#2. Ajay Devgn

Private jet of Ajay Devgan

The Tanhaji actor, Ajay Devgn is a very humble person but prefers to live a luxurious lifestyle. Apart from a fleet of expensive cars, the actor also has his own private jet and travels via it. Reportedly, Ajay is one of the first Bollywood celebs to own a six-seater private jet worth Rs. 84 crores for himself.

#3. Madhuri Dixit Nene

Private jet of Madhuri Dixit

With her outstanding acting and dancing skills, Madhuri Dixit has left many millennials awe-struck. Not only did she receive prominence, but she also made a lot of money. The gorgeous actress is known to keep her comfort as a priority. In addition, she also leads a very luxurious life and has her own private plane.

#4. Shah Rukh Khan

Private jet of Shahrukh Khan

The 'King Khan' of Bollywood is one of the most successful actors of Bollywood and leads a lavish life. Shah Rukh owns a private jet plane that he often uses to travel for shoots and family excursions to protect his family's privacy.

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#5. Akshay Kumar

Private jet of Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood is a very modest person, who owns his own private jet. This star travels via his private plane to save his time from his busy schedule. According to reports, Akshay's private plane had cost him Rs. 260 crores.

#6. Salman Khan

Private jet of Salman Khan

The Bhaijaan of the Bollywood industry, Salman Khan, lives a straightforward life. He has worked in many hit films and earned a lot of money. Though he is a humble and down-to-earth person, he also owns a private jet. Also, he often travels for shoots, promotions, and vacations in his private jet.

#7. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Private jet of Priyanka Chopra

The global icon, Priyanka Chopra Jonas lives a very luxurious life. She owns a private jet and prefers to travel between India and Los Angeles for her professional and personal commitments via it to save time and avoid inconvenience.

#8. Saif Ali Khan

Private jet of Saif Ali Khan

The Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan is one of the wealthiest Bollywood actors. Besides owning different properties and all kinds of luxuries, Saif also owns a private jet. He loves using his private jet for a comfortable ride with family and friends.

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#9. Anil Kapoor

Private jet of anil Kapoor

Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor and his daughters, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Rhea Kapoor are famous for their extravagant lifestyles. Along with other luxurious items, the actor also owns a private jet. He uses his private jet to travel across the globe with his family and friends and even to have parties with them.

#10. Diljit Dosanjh

Private jet of Diljit Dosanjh

This Punjabi singer-actor, Diljit Dosanjh is famous for his king-size life. Not only does he wear clothes from the top International brands, but has also recently bought a private charter plane of his own. This cool and stylish celebrity leads a luxurious life and prefers to travel via his charter plane.

#11. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Private jet of Shilpa Shetty

The Bollywood diva, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her businessman-husband, Raj Kundra live a lavish lifestyle. Apart from owning properties in Dubai, England and London, they also possess a private jet. However, they prefer to travel via their private jet for their personal excursions.

#12. Hrithik Roshan

Private jet of Hrithik Roshan

The Greek God of Bollywood prefers style and luxury in his life. The actor has a great seaside house in Juhu, Mumbai, which offers a pristine view of the Arabian Sea. Moreover, he owns a lavish private jet and travels via it to reach his shoot locations and also uses it for vacations with his family.

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Indeed the extravagant lifestyle and luxuries enjoyed by the Bollywood celebs make us so envious.