Bobby Deol Reveals What Caused The Distance Between Him And His Father, Dharmendra

Bobby Deol feels there is distance between him and his father, Dharmendra and shared the reason for the same. Scroll down to read more!


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Bobby Deol Reveals What Caused The Distance Between Him And His Father, Dharmendra

It is said that fathers are closer to their daughters as compared to their sons, however, for a father, his kids hold equal importance in his life. Your father might not be an expressive person, but that certainly doesn’t conclude that he doesn’t love you because father’s don’t really know how to express it all. They will sacrifice their comfort to keep your comfort intact and will always put your safety above all. Nonetheless, children still feel a gap with their fathers, and same is the case with Bollywood actor, Bobby Deol. (Also Read: Sara Khan Reveals If Abigail And Sanam Really Took Her Name During The Drugs Interrogation)

No matter how old a son grows, his father still remains an idol for him. Being a son of veteran actor, Dharmendra is a blessing in itself. Bobby Deol comes from a film lineage of yesteryear superstar, Dharmendra and has been surrounded by star siblings, Sunny Deol, Abhay Deol, Esha Deol. The Deol trio, Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby have always proved that they have the best father-son bond which was quite evident in the movie series, Yamla Pagla Deewana as everybody had worked on their forte, and had brought out a laughter riot for their die-hard fans. While the movie had shared an entirely different tale, in reality, Bobby feels that there is a distance between him and his father.

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In an interview with the Filmfare, Bobby Deol shared that he feels there is a distance between him and his father, Dharm ji and also revealed the reason for this. He shared that it was his father’s hectic shooting schedules that had caused the distance between the father-son duo and he doesn’t want his kids, Aryaman and Dharam to feel the same. He said, “When we were growing up, papa was working hard. So we didn’t spend much time with him. I used to go with him for outdoor shootings. People thought and acted in a different way then. The relation between father and children wasn’t as smooth then as it is in today’s generation. I made it a point to avoid that kind of a distance with my own kids. We have a friendly relationship.”

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He further shared that in earlier times, children wouldn’t open up to their parents and Dharm ji has always complained about this. Bobby shared that Dharm ji often asks him to sit and talk to him, but he revealed that he is too afraid to do that as his papa might start scolding him. Sharing that he doesn’t want his kids to grow with this fear, he said, “I reply that even today I’m afraid you’ll start scolding me. I wanted to take that fear away from my children and perhaps I’ve been successful in doing so.”

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During the nation-wide lockdown, Dharm ji was stationed at his farmhouse and his son, Bobby Deol had missed him. In a conversation with the Hindustan Times, Bobby Deol had had talked about the same and had said, “Two days before the lockdown, he went to his farmhouse. When you grow old, you tend to feel low when you are confined. He’s enjoying his time there as he loves nature. Our farmhouse is like heaven on earth and all because of his own efforts. He’s happy growing vegetables there.” (Don't Miss: Raveena Tandon Shares An Adorable Birthday Wish For Hubby, Anil Thadani, Thanks Him For Loving Her)

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Bobby had made his comeback in Bollywood with Salman Khan starrer, Race 3, and his father, Dharm ji had gotten emotional. In an interview with the Indian Express, he had said, “There are ups and downs in everybody’s life. I have also gone through it, everybody goes through it. However, to rise after every fall is the biggest thing, it is remarkable. And I thank the almighty for it, as he might have wanted Bobby to come back too, and it is the wishes and blessings of our audience, and Bobby also took it up and got back to work. Life is to fight, there is nothing in life without the passion to fight. I am very happy that Bobby is back. Now I see him exercising in the gym more, he is addicted to working out, he is in the gym whenever you see him. Just how I would be found in any of the bars (chuckles), sipping on my drinks. I have lived my life to the fullest like this, have had fun.” (Recommended Read: Allu Arjun Inaugurated 'Allu Studios' As A Tribute To His Grandfather, Allu Ramalingaiah's Legacy)

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Do you also feel the same fear and distance from your father?

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