'Bigg Boss' Narrator, Vijay Vikram Singh Reveals Facing Abuse For Evicting Contestants On The Show

The man behind the infamous voice of 'Bigg Boss', Vijay Vikram Singh talks about facing severe abuse and threatening for announcing the elimination of a popular contestant from the show.


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'Bigg Boss' Narrator, Vijay Vikram Singh Reveals Facing Abuse For Evicting Contestants On The Show

Bigg Boss is one of the most popularly binge-watched reality shows to date in the Indian television space. What started as just another ordinary show in 2006, based on the American show, Big Brother has come a long way now. Currently, the show is in its seventeenth season, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every episode carves a sky-rocketing TRP. And now, the infamous strict voice behind Bigg Boss, Vijay Vikram Singh talks about the challenges he faced for lending his voice to such an authoritative entity.

Vijay Vikram Singh reveals getting threats to him and his family for evicting popular contestants

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Vijay Vikram Singh talked about the disadvantages of lending his voice as the authoritative narrator in Bigg Boss. The artist revealed how, especially during the last two years, he has faced an extensive amount of abuse and trolling, even some direct threats to his family, after he had to announce the elimination of several popular contestants in the show. He mentioned:

“In the last two years, I have gotten abused so many times online for eliminating people. I keep telling them that I am not the one who eliminates, it’s the people’s votes. Secondly, I am not that voice. People have dragged my family and they start threatening them.”

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Vijay reveals how people confuse him with the main voice of Bigg Boss

A careful viewer of the show, Bigg Boss would know that there are two different voices in the show. While one narrates the show and interacts with the audience, the other voice directly communicates with the participants and orders them to do the various activities. In the same interview, Vijay talked about this confusion and clarified that he is not the voice that makes the decisive announcements in the show. When probed further, Vijay Vikram shared that he doesn’t really know whose voice it actually is. In his words:

“I have to tell people that there are two voices on Bigg Boss, they don’t believe me. I am the voice who interacts with the audience. The voice that interacts with the contestants is a different voice. I keep telling people that I am the narrator’s voice on the show.”


When Vijay talked about facing severe hardships and failures earlier in his career

Apart from his identity as the narrator of Bigg Boss, Vijay Vikram Singh happens to be an actor and an exceptional voice artist. In a previous interview with Mid-Day, he opened up about the tough phases of his career early on and mentioned he had a severe drinking problem at the age of 19. Moreover, he emphasised that he isn’t a motivational speaker, and it is his hardship and experiences that have made his knowledge impact a positive effect on listeners.

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Vijay Vikram Singh’s earning per season of Bigg Boss

Being one of the pivotal narrator of the show, Bigg Boss, Vijay Vikram Singh reportedly earns anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 lakhs per season. While it is still a speculation, yet some other sources reported that he received Rs. 10-12 lakhs per season.


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