Comedian Bharti Singh Opens Up About Her Marriage Plans Like Never Before


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Comedian Bharti Singh Opens Up About Her Marriage Plans Like Never Before

The little patakha of laughter, Bharti Singh is everyone’s favourite. Her funny and weird expressions can instantly make anyone burst into laughter. Like other TV celebs, love is in the air for Bharti as well. Read on to know what she has to say about her wedding plans and babies.

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Bharti Singh

Recently, Bharti opened up about her dream man and marriage plans in an interview. When asked about her marriage plans, this is what Bharti had to say:

“Like every other girl, I too have a dream of getting married. In fact, my parents want me to marry as soon as possible. However, I am planning to get settled at the end of 2016. Honestly, even I want to see myself as a typical housewife who is making chapattis for her children. I want to lead a normal life after marriage.”

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Varun Dhawan

Not only did she open up about her marriage plans in 2016, she also told about her perfect dream man.

She candidly said:

“Since my profession is to make people laugh, usually people assume that whatever I speak, it is meant for a joke. But that’s not true. When it comes to choosing a life partner, I want him to understand me. He should be a quiet personality with full of maturity. In reality I speak a lot, so I want him to listen to me very carefully and love me a lot.”

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Bharti SIngh with boyfriend

She also does not want to work a lot after marriage. She has some other plans, and wants to spend more time with family and kids. She said:

“I want to work but not so much. I have no idea as to what is store in my destiny; but if given an opportunity, I want to do less work and be a more of a housewife after marriage.”

A few months back, there were reports that she had secretly got engaged to her boyfriend, Haarsh Limbachiyaa, who is a writer for many comedy shows. They have often been spotted together, spending quality time with each her. Even their Instagram accounts are a proof that something is brewing between these two. Here is a proof that they are seeing each other. Haarsh gifted Bharti this stunning diamond ring. Well, what's cooking between them?    

While this is one side of the story, Bharti Singh, however, recently rubbished all these rumours in an interview to the leading entertainment tabloid, Businessofcinema. Here's what she said:

“OMG! People have done big foolishness, until and unless you don’t listen to me talking on TV, do not believe. People can write anything they want to… you can never trust them. When you will see Bharti standing in front of the whole crowd holding mic saying yes I’m getting married, then you consider it’s true and frankly, then you all can call me and wish me for my marriage.”

But what about the photos saying Bharti is engaged? Well, this is her side of story for such rumours:

Please open my Instagram, I have pictures with many actors with whom I work daily. So does that mean I would marry all of them? He is my writer who writes for me since 6 years. If you would have been my writer and if I would have travelled with you everyday because our routes are same or being with you on shoots and discussing with you, does that mean there is something brewing between us?

People are thinking very wrong. It’s been 7 years since I came to Mumbai from Punjab, but I still feel people’s thinking is still very narrow minded. I don’t need publicity, I’m very famous because of my work, from elder person to young child, everyone smiles when they see me. Even if I take an international flight, people get happy to see me and ask me, “Bharti will you crack some jokes?”. In this stressful life if I’m making someone laugh for 1 hour it’s a very good thing. Its very negative that without asking people print out anything. Ask before you publish because I’m not among those girls who won’t reveal anything about me.

Getting married is not a bad thing, but running away with someone is a bad thing. Weird weird things were written about me, I didn’t even feel to react on it. Some online portal wrote Bharti was spotted kissing her boyfriend in car. If i want to kiss someone why would I kiss in car. Am I a college girl? I didn’t even react to those cheap stuff written on me. Bharti Singh who shuts everyone’s mouth, do you think she will kiss someone in a car? If I will marry, I will let everyone know. I felt so bad about the rumours. In fact I reveal that I have planned to marry in 2018, but with who I’m getting married even I don’t know. It’s been 6 years, I am bindaas, and nobody has dared to break Bharti Singh.

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Well, as revealed by the lady herself, we will have to wait for some time to see her tying the nuptial knot. So, stay tuned to get all the updates related to your favourite, Bharti Singh!

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