Deepika Padukone's Secret Behind Flat Tummy Is This Rigorous And Effective Workout Plan


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Deepika Padukone's Secret Behind Flat Tummy Is This Rigorous And Effective Workout Plan

Be it the simple girl from Piku or that stunningly beautiful beloved Mastaani, Deepika Padukone has been winning hearts on-screen and off-screen with her dashing roles, dimpled smile, and doe-eyed charm. Recently, her deadly and svelte figure has swayed everyone to talk about her.

What goes behind maintaining that flawless skin, long tresses, flat stomach and great body that make everyone fall for her over and over again? Stop pondering, as we have unveiled the secrets here. Read on and you will come to know. 

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Skin care rituals

Deepika Padukone's Beauty And Fitness Secrets

She is one of those actresses who look flawless even in real life. A believer in aqua therapy, she stays hydrated with generous water intake. The secrets behind her porcelain skin are her lavish indulgence in a regular steam bath and body massages. CTM or cleansing, toning and moisturising are must in her daily routine.

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Soon after her heavy makeup during shoots or events, she doesn’t retire to bed without CTM. She explains about her skincare rituals:

“I don't follow any routine as such. I just make sure I use a good night cream and always take off my make-up.”

Deepika Padukone's Beauty And Fitness Secrets

She uses a hydrating cream for cleansing. All her off-screen looks are without makeup as she sticks to a good moisturiser with SPF. She doesn’t like too gaudy lips and states:

“For lips I like nudes and reds.”

Even for her bathing ritual, she goes for a loofah over a soap bar, as she believes it enhances blood circulation as well as eliminates dead cells from the body instantly. Instead of regular facials, she prefers more of thorough cleanup at frequent intervals.

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Mane management

Deepika Padukone's Hair

The secret behind her lustrous locks is coconut oil, which she has been using unrestrainedly since her childhood. Post-shoot or events like awards or fashion shows, her hair suffers from styling damage. Hence, she highly depends on a heat-resistant spray to reduce the ill effects. From time to time, she also goes for a head massage.

All about her looks

Deepika Padukone's Beauty And Fitness Secrets

Deepika considers eyebrows as a definitive feature of one’s face. According to her, 'the thicker they are, the younger one looks'. Thus, her threading sessions are pretty restricted. Owner of striking almond-shaped eyes, she loves to enhance their appeal with mascara.

Fitness mantra

Deepika Padukone's Beauty And Fitness Secrets

Deepika swears by fitness and doesn’t like to compromise on her daily regime. Being the daughter of badminton player Prakash Padukone, she has been into this sport since her childhood, and this has blessed her with an athletic body. Her daily workout schedules have a lot of stretching exercises and Pilates:

“Regular exercise, yoga, healthy eating and positive thinking; are what make me look good.”

She further adds outdoor activities such as trekking and cycling to her fitness diary. Being a certified scuba diver, she goes for scuba diving whenever she gets time.

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Diet staples

Deepika Diet Plan/ Image Courtesy: Kelogg's Special

Image Courtesy: Kelogg's Special

Don’t judge her eating habits by her slim silhouette. She is a food lover. But she maintains a balanced diet that is loaded with vegetables and fruits. Her dietician, Pooja Makhija, helps her with an ideal plan, which contains rituals like munching light meal in every couple of hours. Breakfast is the primary meal. However, the dosa sans potato filling and the egg yolks never make it to her plate. Instead of a coffee start of the day, she begins with fruits or fruit juices. Moreover, dark chocolates meet her sweet cravings.

Deepika’s fitness training for her action-packed Hollywood debut

Deepika Padukone's workout routine

After experiencing a roaring success in 2015 with her back to back-to-back hits in Bollywood, Deepika made her Hollywood debut with XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Paired opposite action hero Vin Diesel, she essayed the role of Serena, a ferocious huntress. Naturally, she needed to develop her body accordingly to suit the role. Deepika was then trained under fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala. Posting Deepika’s fitness training videos on Instagram, Yasmin stated:

 “Deepika has already been pulling off 200 pounds for leg press, but there will be a lot more heavy weight training, besides bosu (exercise routines involving a ball) and TRX suspension training. She needs to look tough like someone who is always ready for a fight and needs to gain more muscle.”

Deepika’s special workout regime for XXX: The Return of Xander Cage included:

  • Functional strength training
  • Intense Pilates training to tone her body
  • Series power lifts
  • Box jumps
  • Bench hop-overs
  • Squat jacks
  • Training with intense power bags for torso building and core strengthening
  • Squats and thrusts for toning
  • 200-pound leg presses

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Here are the videos of Deepika's workout routine that Yasmin posted on Instagram:




Special diet

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Image Courtesy: Kelogg's Special

As per Deepika’s diet plan, she has to eat in every two hours. The diet comprises of the right amount of carbohydrate, besides increasing the amount of protein intake. It also includes the dominance of fibrous food.

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We would like to wish Deepika Padukone all the very best for all her future prospects and an eventful 2018!