11 Beautiful Benefits Of Being Committed In Your Relationship


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11 Beautiful Benefits Of Being Committed In Your Relationship

Relationships need a lot of nurturing. You need to put in your best foot forward in order to make them happy ones. When you are in a happy and committed relationship, you are in it for better or for worse. You don’t need to fear about your partner or spouse leaving you or you getting bored of the monotony. Every day is a new day, some new challenges and new things to look forward to.

So, on that happy note; we get you more such positives of being in committed a relationship/marriage that would encourage you to be a faithful and committed partner always!

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#1. You set a foundation to your relationship/ marriage


The initial years of any marriage are the most crucial ones. They are like the stepping stones to laying a rock solid foundation. Being a committed partner gives you the confidence and determination to set a sound one. You know you have made the best decision of your life and you want it to be like that forever. You never want that feeling to fade away.

#2. You have a partner in crime for life

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

You always have someone by your side who will not only support your correct decisions but be a part of any mischief that you plan too. That’s the kind of faith your partner will have on you if you are truly committed.

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#3. You know someone has your back


Even if the entire world seems to be against you for some reason, you know you have someone waiting back at home who believes in you and will help you through your most difficult times!

#4. You can be trusted and that’s what sets you apart


Not only your spouse but people around you also find you to be trustworthy. They confide in you because they know their secrets are safe with you and that’s one rare quality to find now days.

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#5. You attract the right kind of people


If you are looking for commitment and not just time pass, you will tend to attract people who too are looking for the same. And two committed people will definitely make a relationship based on trust and respect that lasts forever.

#6. Being intimate with your partner is bliss

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

You know your partner won’t just take advantage of you and leave you at the altar. So whenever you two are intimate with each other, you feel like it’s always the first time, those butterflies in the stomach kind of a feeling last you a lifetime!

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#7. You don’t need to have a fear of loss


If you show your love, trust, respect and commitment towards your partner without making it too obvious and just being your true self, you never need to fear that your partner might leave you. Come what may, you both always find a solution to your problems and sail through the roughest of times.

#8. You are making the right choice


By being the person you are right now, a committed soul, you are making a right choice in life. Irrespective of what people might say or think, you re paving your way towards a beautiful future!

#9. You are a happier person

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

When you know your personal life is a settled and balanced one, you are more stress free and energetic. That gives you a positive energy at work too. So in all, your productivity increases and you feel more satisfied with life and happier in general.

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#10. You are more confident to face the challenges of life


With a supporting partner by your side, you feel all the more confident. You can face any situation that is thrown at you. A simple thing like being comitted can give you that kind of peace of mind!

#11. You value the small things in life


When you are at peace with yourself and your life, you start appreciating all the little things in life. You are grateful and show your gratitude towards your partner. You feel content!

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One quality that changes your life for the better; yes, commitment has the power to do that! Thus, just try to be more inclined towards your partner, talk, make eye contact, go on dates, show gratitude, be kind, appreciate and never ever let the spark die!



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