The Perfect List Of Dos And Don'ts For Mommies To Remember Before Planning A Babymoon

The Perfect List Of Dos And Don'ts For Mommies To Remember Before Planning A Babymoon

Before nappy-changing takes over your life, indulge in a new fad called babymoon - a kind of getaway planned before entering into parenthood. Earlier the concept was just restricted to Bollywood biggies and the stars.  

But now, city couples too have started appreciating its importance and are hooked on to the idea of ‘last celebration’ before the little bundle arrives. But, planning a perfect retreat is no cakewalk and can be quite challenging with that ‘bump’. For the babymoon to promise plenty of fun and relaxation, here are some factors mommies-to-be need to consider.

Let’s have a look.

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#1. Short travel time

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Transportation risks are always there even if it is a normal pregnancy with no complications. So, you better check in to a nearby hotel or resort that involves less travel time. That would make the journey safer and comfortable. More than three to four hours can be too much for a pregnant traveller. Be it an international travel or some nearby place; lengthy journey can put the woman’s body to develop blood clots known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), leg cramps and swollen feet.

#2. Easy drive

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Babymoon is basically a stress-buster, so the journey should be equally smooth and comfortable. See that you are not buckled-up in a car for long and the roads are in good condition and are safe. That would provide you with an opportunity to get out for short strolls. Frequent rest stops would give a trouble-free access to the toilet which is a paramount need for the mother-to-be. And, if it’s a bus that you have opted for, be more cautious and hold on to the rails and seat while the bus is moving.

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#3. Catch up on vaccines

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There can be health concerns in the location you are travelling; especially overseas. For that, you might need to catch up on certain vaccines. There are countries where viruses can affect the unborn baby’s health. Consult your doctor who can outline the risks involved and offer you the perfect preventive treatment against diseases like malaria, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

#4. Best time to go 

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Travelling is often not permitted in the first and third trimester of the pregnancy which is considered to be risky and delicate. It is said that middle of pregnancy or second trimester is the most suited to avoid potential risks. While first causes nausea, the third trimester makes it difficult to move and leaves you tired. However, you must consult your doctor too before you pack your bags.

#5. Stick to a single venue

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There is already a lot of stress when you are expecting. And changing destinations or hotels would only add on to the trauma. Shifting, transportation, multiple packing and unpacking will interrupt your relaxed state of mind and will be a mood killer. Remember, your babymoon phase is to unwind, reconnect with your hubby and renew the spark in your life. So, just book for a single venue in your entire trip.

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#6. Consult the doctor

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This will sound cliché, but what worked for your best pal or neighbour might not be suitable for you. So, before you get on board for your babymoon; checking with your doctor is a must. Plan a visit and have more clarity on your travel plans as per your stage of pregnancy.

#7. Be Google-ready

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Before you flee for your leisure trip, try to have a good data connection. Carry your WiFi or mobile broadband while you are on the go as texting, WhatsApp and downloading is a necessity these days. Get the package which suits your need and usage. Today, internet access serves as a guide to just about everything. It’s extremely important to be google-ready while you are in your maternity phase.

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#8. Do your research

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Well, it’s not just the two of you anymore so make sure you have spent some time with your dear computer and have searched about the city/country, culture, ambience, road connectivity and the food.  And the most important is to look for the name and number of local gynaecologist of that place and the medical facilities available in case of emergency. Having these details before setting off will make you feel prepared in case there is a concern.

#9. Avoid peak season

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You are there to make memories. So try not to affect the quality of your stay with the huge crowd. People swarming in will not give you a piece of mind and would look the same as your city life that you have left behind. Off season can be more enjoyable when you are pregnant and help you calm down. Also, the hotel staffs would show more hospitality and welcome you perfectly.

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#10. Avoid hills

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Hills offer a lot but it might not be a good option at this challenging phase. Choose a destination which is easy to manage and doesn’t make you compromise on the needs of an unborn baby. Walking on the inclined slopes can be strenuous and back breaking. (metaphorically and literally). Also, the low oxygen on hills can cause a problem to both, the mother and the baby.

#11. Look for luxury

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Having carrying around your baby on swollen feet calls for a special treatment. Isn’t it? So, make it an experience of a lifetime and nurture yourself with some extravagance. Add love, style and comfort to your baby’s pre-arrival period. Good food, buffet, pool, well-lit room, live music and maternity spa services must be there to keep you off from stress. Along with the mother, the luxury activities will also be a blessing for the child.

#12. Keep it low-key

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Parents-to-be, you might need to trade your desires and needs this time. For example, water sports, safaris and the nightlife is a big ‘No’. The phase requires several easy-on-mind things to consider. Anything suave and simple like ordering an ice-cream, booking a massage, taking a short trip to the nearby market, opting for the room-service meal, etc should be on your agenda. Keep in mind that this babymoon has to be a pure escape for the expecting mother.

#13. Food checklist

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Even though you have booked a deluxe hotel room which is an all-inclusive one; be ready with your own dabba. Besides those luxurious buffet meals, you never know when the hunger pangs strike you. For that healthy eating plan, you must carry a few knick knacks and nutritious snacks with you. Eatables like nuts, fruits and munchies must be there so that you don’t starve yourself.

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We hope this is a handy guide to all parents-to-be who want to enjoy their significant phase in the most unique and safest way possible. The exciting phase would not only make memories but will also help the mother to deliver healthy. So, take proper precautions and prepare yourself well for the adventures of parenthood.

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