Ayushmann Khurrana Shares Wife Tahira Kashyap's Reaction When He Fasted For Her On Karva Chauth


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Ayushmann Khurrana Shares Wife Tahira Kashyap's Reaction When He Fasted For Her On Karva Chauth

One of the most-awaited festivals for many Indian women is Karva Chauth. While it is given that women fast for the long life of their husbands, many men these days, are breaking the ‘for women’ stereotypes by fasting for their wives, which calls for a double celebration for the couple. Truly, who wouldn’t love partners like that! (Do Read: Sonam Kapoor Thanks Hubby For Bullying Her Into Not Keeping Karva Chauth Fast, Anand's Reply Is Epic)

One such doting hubby is A-listed Bollywood star, Ayushmann Khurrana. The Pani Da star is riding high on his professional life these days with a zillion successful films in his record. More than his acting skills, Ayushmann is also loved for the dutiful hubby that he is. The actor’s wife, Tahira Kashyap is suffering from breast cancer and hence, he ensured that this festival is celebrated without any hindrance. As wifey, Tahira cannot observe a fast due to her chemotherapy sessions, Ayushmann kept a fast on her behalf. Sharing an Instagram story of his henna-adorned ‘T’ (for Tahira), written on his palm, the Andhadhun star wrote, “She can’t fast this time. But I will. For her good health and long life. #karvachauth.” Here’s the picture:

Ayushmann Khurrana Fasts For Tahira Kashyap

And ever since, the internet has flooded with shares of the same containing a “I want a similar man in my life” and “I wish I had someone like Ayushmann Khurrana in my life” as captions. While we were sure that Tahira must have been spellbound with her hubby’s gesture, Ayushmann shared with BollywoodLife about how his wife felt upon learning about him fasting. He stated, “Tahira was touched by it. In fact, she told me not to fast, but I told her I will. Last year, we both observed the fast. But this year, she could not as she is undergoing chemotherapy sessions."

Ayushmann Khurrana Fasts For Tahira Kashyap

Tahira, on the other hand, is battling with her cancer like a strong lioness! Sharing a beautiful picture from a latest photoshoot, the Toffee director projected cancer in a comic way and what the picture means to her. This is what she wrote, “This is a special one as this is a first for the both of us together. Haven’t gotten ourselves clicked like this in the past 17 years (including 10 years of marriage) except for the last time at our marriage where we adorned our wedding as Christmas baubles sitting on a red sofa accepting shagun that would contribute to the wedding expense. Yea very middle class but much fun. The memories of that day do tickle a funny bone but some are scarring like the one with the photographer.” (Also Read: Kareena Kapoor Khan Celebrated Karva Chauth With Son, Taimur Ali Khan And Her Girl Gang, Pics Inside)

Ayushmann and Tahira

The post could be further read as, “He made us make poses that were extremely cliched but then he had to exhibit his artistic side too. So from looking from the corner of our eyes towards each other, to looking away from each other with our hands intertwined strategically exposing our wedding bands. From him standing behind me & me sitting in front of him & vice versa. From his hand holding my hand but not directly, Alas that would be too tacky for the maverick behind the camera. So the genius had my husband run his hand from behind my waist & hold my hand from the front & his other hand ran from the front of my waist stretching enough to reach my other far-fetched suffocated hand that was trying hard to breath through the little pores that were sparingly left sans the mehendi, the 2 dozen red & white bangles, nani mama’s golden bangles, my mother’s favourite bangles, Babaji’s Kadda & last but not the least the kalira’s (golden embellishments hanging from the bangles).”

Ayushmann and Tahira

And concluded with, “Amidst the many such contortions the only one left was us twisting our bodies around each other like the Naag & Naagin. Though that crazy man was making us dance to his tunes anyway! So from then to now, it’s quite a leap. Thank you @subisamuel @htbrunch I thought it really would require a special day for us to get ourselves clicked professionally. But I didn’t realise the day would just not be special it will also be memorable for not only am I more comfortable in my skin today but also for the awareness of the cause that I am spreading & enduring. Guess there is still more scope to love myself hence going through another testing phase. I somehow feel I’ll surge. If I was ok being a X’mas tree at my wedding this better be ok! #breastcancerawareness.” (Checkout! Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Wore Sabyasachi Outfits On Their First Karva Chauth, Pics Inside)

Ayushmann Khurrana And Tahira Kashyap

Do you know? Ayushmann was sleepless for almost seven nights as he was busy promoting his latest films and dealing with wife’s illness. In an interview with Pinkvilla, he had shared, “So, in the morning I used to promote my films and go back to the hospital in the night. I was sleepless for seven nights and seven days. It was not easy but since she was positive, she inspired me a lot. We were also lucky enough as we got to know about it at the early stage that's the silver lining. We decided to keep it positive."

Kudos to Ayushmann and Tahira for keeping their spirits high during such a tough time! We pray and hope for a speedy recovery for Tahira.

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