When Aruna Irani Revealed Her First Fling With Late Vinod Khanna's Brother, Pramod Khanna

Veteran actress, Aruna Irani needs no introduction as she is famous for portraying many hit roles. However, not many know about her flings. Check out as she revealed it all in a throwback interview!


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When Aruna Irani Revealed Her First Fling With Late Vinod Khanna's Brother, Pramod Khanna

Veteran actress, Aruna Irani is known for portraying many hit roles and characters on the silver screen and television. In addition, she has an illustrious acting career as she had acted in over 500 Indian films. She is famous for playing heart-winning roles and character roles of mother and mother-in-law. While we all know about her career accolades, not many know about her journey of being Aruna Irani.

Aruna Irani was born and brought up in Mumbai. Her father was a Parsi, and her mother was a Maharashtrian born in Andhra Pradesh. The beautiful lady had tied the knot with film director, writer and editor, Kuku Kohli in 1990. However, not many know that she had a fling with the late actor, Vinod Khanna's brother, Pramod Khanna.

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Recently, we stumbled upon a throwback interview of Aruna Irani with Cineplot. In the interview, Aruna had recalled the details of her first fling. The actress had shared that she was 10-year-old when she had her first fling with Vinod Khanna's brother, Pramod. However, she didn't know back then that he was Vinod's brother.

Aruna had shared, "He was very good looking, fair, with brown eyes. We were studying together, and he would walk me home from school. Even on picnics, he’d spend for me. He would bring food from his house, put it on my lap, and we would eat together. Then he left Bombay, and we lost contact."

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Aruna Irani Love Life

Aruna had further revealed that when years later she had met Pramod, he remembered her. She said, "Years later, he was making a film with Vinod, and Vinod wanted me to do a dance in that movie. He said that his brother would discuss the details with me: I met him and he explained the scene to me. But all through, he kept looking at me. You see, till now I hadn’t recognized him, so I felt very awkward. Suddenly, he burst out laughing. Then it struck me that this was the same Pramod I knew as a child."

Aruna Irani Love Life

Not many know that Aruna had studied till the sixth standard as her father could not afford her further education. She had shared an anecdote of her childhood and had said, "We were eight children, and my father did not earn enough to give us proper education. Drama companies were all going at a loss since films had taken over. Most of the time, I was not able to pay my fees. When the teacher asked why I would say that I had forgotten them."

Aruna had tied the knot with Kuku Kohli, and she had decided not to have her own kids.

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