Arjun Kapoor Shares A Cute Poem He Had Written For His Mother, Mona Shourie When He Was Twelve

Arjun Kapoor's love for his mother, Mona Shourie Kapoor can never be described in words, but his 'twelve-year-old-self' had written an adorable poem for her. Scroll down to read it!


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Arjun Kapoor Shares A Cute Poem He Had Written For His Mother, Mona Shourie When He Was Twelve

From a nurturer to a teacher and sometimes a friend, a mother has to play many different roles in a child's life, yet her love remains the same throughout it. For a mother, a child may outgrow her lap but never her heart. And no matter how old we get, where we are in this world, we always need our mommies' hugs when things become hard to handle or the days get gloomy or simply when we need someone to hear us out. Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor shares an exactly similar love with his late mother, Mona Shourie Kapoor. (Recommend Read: Frieda Pinto Gets Engaged To Photographer, Cory Tran On His Birthday, Shares Adorable Pictures)

Arjun Kapoor is the first child of the filmmaker, Boney Kapoor and his first wife, Mona Shourie Kapoor. However, he didn't have a rosy childhood as he learnt life's hardest reality when his father, Boney Kapoor had left them at a young age. However, his mother, Mona had shown an immense amount of strength for her kids and had started a new life for them and when Arjun was all set with his debut film, Ishqzaade (2012), his mother passed away due to cancer. It left a huge void in the heart of Arjun and it is often seen in his late-night Instagram stories and posts.

Today, on November 22, 2019, Arjun took to his Instagram and shared an adorable poem which he had written for his mother when he was just 12-years-old. Alongside it, he wrote a long note that can be read as "Found this handwritten poem of mine pardon the handwriting though. I wrote this for Mom when I was 12 years old. It’s maybe my purest moment as a child where I felt loved and wanted to thank her for the love she gave me. I miss her love, I’m vulnerable every morning without it. I didn’t have a choice but to accept that I wouldn’t have her Love anymore. On most days it feels unfair and it bothers me, it consumes me I feel lost and helpless. I’m just writing this as a son and nothing more. I wish I could hear her call me Beta one more time. I miss her all the Fucking time and it makes everything seem irrelevant more often than not. I broke 8 years back,  now I wake up trying to fix myself every morning smile at life but honestly, that vacuum shall never cease to exist. I don’t know why I’m venting but I guess life takes a toll on us because we are human and I confess I am no hero, I am no different it takes a toll on me too... Miss you Mom hope you are happy wherever you are. Love You the most." (Also Read: Ananya Panday Feels That Though It Is Rumoured BF, Kartik Aaryan's Birthday But His Focus Is On Her)

We remember in a media interaction, Arjun had talked about the void that his mother's death had left in his heart. He had said, "How do I reconcile with the fact that she’s not here to see that I have created an independent identity for myself, that I run a house, that I’ve grown up to become everything she wanted me to become? For all the sacrifices she has made for me, there is something as payback which sits here right now as I speak to you. I would have liked her to see that. I wish I was in a position where I could tell her that I have managed to make you proud, Ma. There’s no respite from the death of a mother. I always tell people that you are allowed to take your parents for granted to a certain degree but don’t underestimate the power of having them around. They are your backbone. You think it’s there but imagine one day it cracks — you are bound to fall. I have lived my life without a backbone for the last 5 years."

In an interview with Huffington Post, Arjun had talked about his sister, Anushla and how she had coped up with such a big loss. He had shared, "Anshula has stood by me like a rock. She has gone through far worse. and she’s younger than me. I still had 11 years with my father living in the house. I had my mother living with me for 25 but Anshula only got 20. Imagine a child who has been through a life where the father couldn’t be physically around after they turned five. And the mother who was there physically and then after 20 years, she wasn’t there. Imagine the psychological scarring of that child. And still, Anshula is more mature, very well-educated, honest and more sincere than me."

He had further shared, "When Mum passed away, my only thought was how will I take care of Anshula? I was prepared to take care of myself, how I would take care of Anshula? It’s like having a child when you’re least prepared. She is my child in that sense; she’s somebody who I am the most protective about. She completed her graduation in the US and passed with flying colours. This was during my film release. She came back to be with me when she could’ve gotten a great job abroad. Till today, she doesn’t accept that she did it for me." (Don't Miss: Sania Mirza Gives A Glimpse Of Anam Mirza's Wedding Preparations, Izhaan Mirza Malik Seems Excited)

Well, we salute the love Arjun has for his late mother! 

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