Ananya Panday's Effective And Hassle-Free DIY Skincare Hacks To Try At Home

Dicthing expensive skin care treatments, it is time to try your hands out on these easy yet effective DIY skincare hacks revealed by Ananya Panday.


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Ananya Panday's Effective And Hassle-Free DIY Skincare Hacks To Try At Home

Who said that the way to a good and healthy skin is always expensive? Clearly, the newest student of the Bollywood block Ananya Pandey has proved that even the most un-noticeable item of your kitchen can come to your help in getting that perfect skin!

These secret hacks by Ananya are effective and easy, and has no ill-effects whatsoever. They can be used for all skin types, and most importantly can be prepared at home without any fuss, clearly proving DIY beauty treatments to be the best no matter what. Let us take a look at her favourite choice of DIY hacks.

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#1. Calming aloe vera


Ananya’s top pick is the soothing aloe vera gel. What’s more, she skips a usual drugstore brought aloe vera gel and instead sources it directly from a plant she has at home. She takes out the natural juice from the plant, freezes it for a while and then applies on her face and hair for about 30 minutes. Ananya reveals that while the aloe gel helps her get an instant glow on the face, it makes her hair soft and nourished.

#2. Coffee face scrub


The power of coffee is so much more than just providing instant energy to the body. Ananya loves making a DIY face pack with coffee powder and coconut oil. While the coffee acts as a natural exfoliator for the skin, the coconut oil replenishes the skin with moisture.

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#3. Turmeric and yogurt


The most go-to face pack the Gehraiyaan actress often uses is the one made using turmeric or haldi along with yogurt. It’s a simple combination of equal portions of yogurt, honey and haldi, mixed well to form a thick paste. While haldi boosts glow on the skin, and honey retains moisture in it. The magical yogurt reduces tan and blemishes, thus making the skin smooth. The pack needs to be applied on skin for about 5 minutes, revealed the actress.

#4. Refreshing rose water

rose water

It is important to have a right toner for your skin. For Ananya, she uses the old-school rose water for the same. It hydrates the skin quite effectively, giving it the instant glow and rejuvenating it at the same time.

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#5. Healthy makeup habits

Ananya Pandey

One of the most important things that Ananya likes to keep up quite strictly is cleaning up her face after makeup. She highlights the importance of removing all makeup before going to bed, and using a mild cleanser for the purpose. After that, she makes sure to apply a good layer of moisturiser before heading off to bed.

Ananya Pandey

Well, these are some of the hacks that this chirpy actress swears by for maintaining a healthy skin. Do let us know what other DIY skin care hacks are known to you

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