[Video]: Couples Don't Fast On Karva Chauth Just For Tradition, They Do So For 'Love'


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[Video]: Couples Don't Fast On Karva Chauth Just For Tradition, They Do So For 'Love'

All those who think Karva Chauth makes no logic and that it is practised by the traditionalists only, here is your dope. No, we are not going into the history, various origins or science of the festival. Rather, we have a video to share which beautifully sums up the whole concept of Karva Chauth, and implies that it is not a pressure or a law to deal with. 

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The amazing video makes you accept the festival whole-heartedly. Take a look:


As the story begins, we see different mindsets of a husband and a wife (played by Karan Wahi and Additi Gupta) related to the festival. Husband excitedly asks his wife about the preparations for their first Karva Chauth.

But the wife’s perspective is totally different. The career woman in her finds it outdated, torturous and silly to remain hungry and perform puja for husband’s well-being.

 “I thought you were more modern than this. I know it’s a tradition and everybody follows, but it’s not my thing.”

Whereas, the husband feels that the event has nothing to do with the modern day approach and has his own sentiments attached to the festival.

“I find it cute and actually it is the cutest memory I have grown up with.”

However, he didn’t force it on his wife as it wouldn’t make sense anyway. But he refrained himself from eating anything for the next day. He embraces the ritual, not for the traditional reason, but for love, support and affection he holds for his wife.

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We get to see the wife’s frame of mind once again when she is shocked to see a hot-shot lawyer (as she addresses him) on observing the fast and believing in the tradition. She not only disapproves of the age-old Indian tradition but kind of disgraces it.

“A hot-shot lawyer like you can believe in something like this?

In his reply to her, he simplifies the significance of Karva Chauth and that it is completely worth celebrating. He doesn’t know the tradition part, but he is keeping the fast for the person he loves. It’s about selflessness, laughing, loving, tolerance, caring and sharing happiness together.

“What’s being a hotshot lawyer got to do with love?”

Something crosses her mind and we see a dilemma on her face. She comes back home early and at the end of the day, she is seen reciprocating the love to her husband. She submits to the belief that a few things are done simply out of love and not for customs and duties. Though she couldn’t keep the fast, she joins in her husband for the rituals.

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A lot more than just a ritual and practice...

So, what we get to discover is that Karva Chauth, the fast and the puja is not meant to enslave anybody. Rather, you can bank upon the festival to display your love and affection to your partner, which you don’t get to do in your day-to-day life. Understand it’s real implication- ‘love’ and celebrate it with exhilaration.

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Why to let different viewpoints, ideologies, patriarchy and feminism spoil the fun and charm of the day? Scientifically, nobody’s lifespan can be increased by keeping the fast for a few hours. And we are proud that our cultured and educated women are aware of this, and question the pointless beliefs and dogmas. But, the philosophy of love, devotion and pleasure are poles apart and doesn’t make you outdated.

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So, whatever is the science behind Karva Chauth, just grab the opportunity to be with your partner. The question around the festival is complex, but the ritual is simple and pious. At times, one should stop looking for explanations and just celebrate it for the sake of fun and happiness. Do let us know what do you think about the festival and the rituals associated with it. Happy Karva Chauth!

Video And Image Courtesy: Shitty Ideas Trending