12 Amazing Things That All Husbands Can Learn From Karan Singh Grover To Make Your Wife Happy


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12 Amazing Things That All Husbands Can Learn From Karan Singh Grover To Make Your Wife Happy

Mr Right or the perfect man, every woman hopes for a partner who can make her life beautiful. She often grows up day-dreaming about a husband who makes her feel complete. But, if you have a wife who is still in her dreamland, then, we think that you need to pull up your socks!

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Dear husbands, it's high time that you make some efforts to become that fantasy partner that your wife desires. And no, it isn't too difficult. Take some tips from B-town's most romantic husband, Karan Singh Grover, and become the best husband!

#1. How to take cute selfies

Karan Singh Grover has some serious talent of taking selfies. If you don’t believe us, go check his Instagram account. But, what makes these selfies better than the rest is- his wife. All the selfies that he takes with Bipasha are cosily wrapped in love and that is what makes them perfect.

#2. How to take couple pictures

Well, not just selfies, but the couple pictures as well. Take a look at Bipasha and Karan's pre-wedding shoot. If after watching them you wonder why do they ooze romance, notice how Karan Singh Grover looks at his wife! Husbands, this is how every wife wants to be seen. That honest lovely look will make your couple photographs amazing as well.

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#3. How to pamper your wife

After a while, husbands tend to take their wives for granted. We know that you love your better halves, but to show this is equally imperative. Just like Karan who takes his wife on date nights to keep the romance alive, you should make some efforts too. This man sings for his wife, sketches for her and surprises her in the most adorable way.

#4. How to plan a vacation like a pro

Anyone can go on a holiday, but to enjoy a vacation that becomes the most cherished memory, should be the goal. Take your wife on a vacation, Karan Singh's style. Have fun in Bali and rekindle the romance in Spain. We are sure that you will touch new horizons in your relationship with some time away from the world.

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#5. How to show PDA

Most men are apprehensive about PDA. They are afraid that they will end up making fun of themselves. But, they don't know that this is something that will make their ladylove feel appreciated. If you are not sure how to do it right, take Karan Singh Grover's help. Learn from his amazing posts that sweetly express his love towards his wife. By the way, did you read what he posted on Karva Chauth?

#6. How to make your wife feel secure

Since the beginning, men have been taught that saving women from any kind of physical harm is their responsibility, and this is the only way in which you can make them feel secure. In all honesty, it doesn't work like that. A wife doesn't need a bodyguard, but someone who wants to see a future with her while accepting her past. Karan Singh Grover just showed you how it's done by being friends with her wife's ex.

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#7. How to workout together

A couple that works out together, stays together! Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu have completely redefined this statement with their enviously sculpted bodies. This couple's monkey workout can give anyone some serious couple goals. So, dear husbands, please, join your wives to the gym!

#8. How to dress up to complement your wife

Most of the ladies hate how lazy and uninterested their men become when it comes down to dressing up for any occasion. Come on guys, look at KSG! He complements Bipasha every time. So, the next time, make some efforts to match up with your gorgeous lady.

#9. How to wish your wife on her birthday



A birthday is always a special day for every girl. And if a husband wants to learn as to how to best wish his wife on her birthday, Karan Singh Grover is the man to look up to. Recently, on Bipasha’s birthday, he shared the sweetest birthday wish for her on Instagram, “Wish you a very very very happy birthday my sweet precious princess! Today is the most joyous day for all of us! Wish you all the happiness, joy, success and love! Thank you for being born and filling my life and all the lives you touch with happiness and abundance! You’re truly the best kinda girl there is!”

#10. How to appreciate your wife’s efforts

A girl in any relationship admires the men who appreciate their efforts to keep her man happy. And KSG is one husband who never leaves any stone unturned to appreciate Bipasha’s efforts. For example, when Bipasha organised a rocking birthday bash for her hubby in Goa, he took to social media and posted, “Thank you my love @bipashabasu for taking time and planning and putting in so much effort for a completely crazy fool like me! You make everyday beautiful for me! I’m truly blessed to have a partner, lover, best friend like you!”

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#11. How to love your wife’s parents, your in-laws

Every man becomes a damad after marriage for the girl’s family. And he gets special attention at his in-laws. But contrary to that, Karan never shies away from showering his love for his mother-in-law, Mamta Basu. Recently he shared a cute post on Insta, and wrote, “Thank you Ma. @mumu_basu. The food was super super super delicious! Thank you for always taking so much time and spending so much energy to fill our tummies and making us feel so special! We’re lucky to have you!”

#12. How to publicly showcase your love for your wife

Every wife dreams of a husband who publicly showcases his love for her. When recently, Karan and Bipasha were guests in a reality show, the couple danced so sweetly with each other. It was so evident that Karan is emanating love for his wife on-stage. Later, he also shared an adorable caption publicly for his wife, “And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while... Always have the most fun when we shoot together!!! #monkeylove.

Little things go a long way. With some changes, you can make your wife the happiest. Learn from this Monkey husband and become 'Mr. Right' for your wife!

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