Jacqueline Fernandez Diet Plan, Beauty And Fitness Secrets; Rinses Her Hair With Beer


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Jacqueline Fernandez Diet Plan, Beauty And Fitness Secrets; Rinses Her Hair With Beer

With her flawless beauty and fabulous performances in the movies, Jacqueline Fernandez is absolutely a stunner. She was crowned Miss Sri Lanka in 2006, before she stepped into Bollywood. Her debut shot in the industry was a huge disaster. But, soon after her film, Murder 2, she came in the limelight. And, her blockbuster hit, Kick, with Salman Khan, has made her even more popular.

Well, if you girls want to know the secrets behind this diva’s glowing skin and her fabulous figure, then here it is. Take a look as we bring to you Jacqueline’s beauty and fitness mantras that you too can follow.

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Jacqueline’s Skin Care Mantras

Jacqueline is very open when it comes to revealing her beauty mantras. From her skin secrets to her beauty regime, she is always ready to share it all with her fans. Now that is what we call, a transparent beauty! 

beauty secrets of jacqueline fernandez

So, here are some of her best skin tips just for you:

- Jacqueline drinks a glass of lukewarm water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in it.

- She then starts her day by properly washing her face with Cetaphil face wash, followed by an application of La Prairie moisturiser, with SPF 15.

- As a teenager, she had an acne problem. Thus, she stresses a lot on the importance of proper cleansing and toning for her skin.

- She swears by Dermalogica products, especially its multivitamin eye and lip defence creams.

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- She prefers to use homemade packs, such as a honey and yoghurt ones, to soothe her face.

- Jacqueline uses honey instead of a lip balm at times.

- She praises and recommends The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil for smoother and fresher skin.

- In her handbag, she always carries fruity-smelling body butter, lip butter, hand sanitiser and a face spritzer, especially in summers.

- She also uses ice cubes on her cheeks and eyes. But, she makes sure that they are wrapped in tissues or a thin muslin cloth, as ice cubes should not be used directly on the skin.

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Jacqueline’s Makeup Regime

Well, just like her skin mantras, she loves to talk about her makeup regime too. She is quite open about the products she uses and all the prep work she does, for the love of her gorgeous skin. Take a look:

- Before putting on her makeup she likes to use a primer. She likes to use pore minimisers to prep her skin.

- Jacqueline prefers to use BB creams over heavy foundations.

- She uses a MAC Compact- NC41.

- For her eye makeup, she uses a Bobbi Brown eye liner.

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- She loves to wear bright lip colours in pink, peach and red.

- She also loves The Body Shop’s Vanilla Body Mist and Brazil Nut Body Butter.

- When it comes to fragrances, Jacqueline says that Issey Miyake is her scent. And, she also likes the rose fragrances from L'Occitane.

- She never sleeps with her makeup on. Sleeping with your makeup is the biggest mistake you can make to ruin your skin, she believes.

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Jacqueline’s Hair Care Routine

Just like her skin and makeup, Jacqueline is very particular about her hair care as well. From natural ones care to seeking out the best hair care products, this diva knows what suits her and she makes sure to indulge in that.

  • Being a celebrity, her hair faces a lot of damage due to styling and styling products. Thus, she makes it a point to shampoo her hair after any kind of treatment it has gone through.
  • She swears by hair massages. And, once a week, she indulges her hair in hot coconut oil massages.
  • She rinses her hair with beer and uses a homemade egg white mask to get that perfect shine.

  • She loves to use Kerastase products on her hair, and uses its hair mask every week.
  • For her hair, she religiously takes zinc supplements, flax seeds, and foods rich in omega-3, like fish and nuts.

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Jacqueline’s Fitness Routine

She truly believes that a fit person is a happy one! Here is her fitness mantra in a nutshell:

  • After waking up at 7 am in the morning, she has a cup of green tea.
  • She works out for an hour or two at home.
  • Her fitness regime includes everything from swimming and dancing to kapalbhati. Of all forms, yoga remains her favourite, and she is known to do the perfect headstand! No matter how busy the diva gets, she makes sure to take some time out for meditation and pranayam.

  • At the gym, she prefers to do just light weights. 
  • She also loves to sweat it out in her dance classes.
  • She also runs and swims thrice a week.

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Jacqueline’s Diet Plan

When it comes to her fitness, here is the ultimate mantra that Jacqueline follows:

"Take care of yourself by eating right, sleeping right and exercising regularly! These are the only rules I swear by. If you follow this religiously and use the right products, your skin and hair will thank you." 

Remember, what you eat is not only reflected by your body, but by your skin as well, so indulge your body in foods that are good and healthy. Take a look at Jacqueline's diet plan:

  • She generally has a protein shake post-workout.
  • She follows a macrobiotic diet plan.
  • Her meal plan is divided into three parts- carbs, proteins and vegetables. So, her diet includes a mix of either rice, beans or proteins, and stir-fried veggies with salad.

  • She carries homemade nutri balls, a combination of dry fruits and seeds, and has them whenever she feels hungry.
  • She tries to include green veggies in her diet as much as possible.
  • She also includes sushi and salmon in her diet and avoids sugar.
  • She prefers to keep her dinner light, and eats only if she feels hungry.

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She also eats junk food at times. The gorgeous actress says:

“Generally, I'm not too strict with my diet. If I want to eat a chocolate or a pizza, I do. Even when I cheat, I keep it healthy. Like if I want to have pizza, I will go to a good restaurant where you can ask for your choice of vegetables with a thin wheat crust. At times, I enjoy a bit of cake or some dessert. It's not like it will kill you. Also, when I am travelling, I make it a point to walk. I do not get into a car or cab easily. So, there are smart ways to stay fit.”

Her entire routine can be summed up in a nutshell with a statement that Jacqueline gave to Elle India. In an interview, she said:

“It is all combination of a healthy diet, and a skincare and fitness routine. The must-haves in my food basket are super foods, nuts, nut milks, quinoa, salads, green vegetables and fruits. I grew up in Bahrain where it was always scorching hot, so I used to drink a lot of coconut water to keep myself hydrated and it worked wonders for my skin as well. I now swear by it and add it to my juices and smoothies. I also keep my skin hydrated by spritzing on rose, mineral or aloe vera water.”

She further adds,

“I never, ever forget my daily skincare ritual, whether I am tired or shooting. It is especially important when you have so much makeup on your face every day. Earlier, fitness was only about losing weight, but now it is more about pursuing a holistic approach and overall wellbeing. I alternate my fitness routine with yoga; I practise Hatha, Ashtanga or Iyengar with cardio and strength training.”

A film star’s life is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to get and maintain a figure and skin as they do. For Jacqueline, the bottom line is to aim to achieve stamina and flexibility through working out and practising yoga, drinking lots of water, having small and frequent food portions, and not pushing yourself too hard to injure yourself instead. Try to follow a religious routine as hers to look as gorgeous and stunning as she does!

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