Amala Paul Shares Emotional Note Remembering Her Father, Paul Varghese, Praises Mother And Brother

Amala Paul talked about her mother and brother's support after her father, Paul Varghese's loss to cancer in her recent Instagram post.


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Amala Paul Shares Emotional Note Remembering Her Father, Paul Varghese, Praises Mother And Brother

For a daughter, a mother is an epitome of discipline, whereas, a father is always her partner in crime! That is why it is said that a girl is closer to her father than her mother. There is a special bond that a girl shares with her father. After all, he is the first man in her life and no matter what, she is always a little princess to him. That is the reason why you can imagine the pain a daughter experiences when she loses her father forever. (Recommended Read: Karan Johar's Kids' 'No Wear Gucci' Rant Goes On, Yash Continues Laughing Over His Clothing Choice)

It’s a heart-breaking experience for anyone because there’s nothing more painful than losing a parent, the two people you saw for the very first time after coming into this world. Talking about the same takes us to south actress Amala Paul's recent post on missing her father and crediting her mother and brother for coming together as a family.

On April 2, 2020, Amala Paul took to her Instagram handle and posted three beautiful pictures with her mother, Annice Paul. In the pictures, we can see the mother-daughter duo enjoying a boat ride as they pose with their radiant smiles to the camera. Along with the stunning pictures, Amala wrote a long note talking about losing her father, Paul Varghese to cancer back in January and the way she and her mother, Annice had helped each other from not falling into depression. Starting with her father’s loss, she stated, “LOSING A PARENT is a feeling that cannot be described, it's a MAJOR DOWNFALL and you begin to TRANSCEND into the UNKNOWN DARKNESS and experience varied emotions. Losing my PAPPA to CANCER OPENED a whole new DIMENSION IN MY LIFE. It made me realize so many things. Here's one such thought!” (Don’t Miss: Vikrant Massey Revealed How Is He Planning To Celebrate His 33rd Birthday Amid COVID-19 Lockdown)

Going further in the note, the actress talked about the rat race and some of the things that she hates about society. She added, “We live in a big beautiful world. Like the Yin to the Yang, we also live in a world carved out by 'SOCIETAL NORMS' that DICTATE our EVERY MOVE and EVERY THOUGHT. We start getting CONDITIONED from a very YOUNG AGE and SHUT OURSELVES through the TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES and LOCK parts of our INNER-CHILD into these BOXES. We shift from RELATIONSHIP after RELATIONSHIP, craving for the company and searching for the missing 'HALF' in PEOPLE, THINGS, CAREER, SUBSTANCES, MOMENTARY PLEASURES, EXPERIENCES all a mean to ESCAPE OUR TRUE-SELVES only to be left more emptied.”

The next person about whom she talked about in her long note is her mother, Annice Varghese. The young actress thanked her mother for all the love and support that she has given to her since her birth. She said, “Yes I have decided to WHOLEHEARTEDLY accept this and COURAGEOUSLY WALK THE PATH LESS TRAVELED. No more ESCAPE! MOST IMP - THE WOMEN we grew up looking up to have forgotten that they're as important as their family. Our MOTHERS have forgotten to LOVE THEMSELVES, let alone HEALING!! They spend their whole life taking care of their HUSBAND, CHILDREN, FAMILY and NEVER FOR ONCE STOP to do SOMETHING for THEMSELVES. It's our responsibility to educate and make them understand about loving and nurturing their INNER-SELF BEFORE THEY LOSE THEMSELVES FOREVER!! I almost lost myself and my mom to the verge of DEPRESSION but here we are gearing up to FLY LIKE A PHOENIX into transformation THROUGH LOVE AND HEALING.”

Last but not the least is her brother, Abijith Paul, for whom she wrote a few emotional lines that can be read as “Thanks to my constant support system, my dearest BROTHER for all that he is and especially for making my CHILDHOOD TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES very entertaining and continuing to do that. Lots of love and healing to all the broken hearts.” (Also Read: Charu Asopa Sen Reacts On Being Trolled For Posting Her 'Too Private' Pictures With Hubby Rajeev Sen)

We wish Amala all the strength and happiness in the world!

Cover and Images Courtesy: Amala Paul

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