Ajay Devgn Speaks On How Kajol Has Grown As An Actor Over The Years And How They Deal With The Paps

Ajay Devgn and his wife, Kajol are sharing the screen space after 11 years. Recently, Ajay talked about how Kajol has changed as an actor over the years and his comfort level with paps.


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Ajay Devgn Speaks On How Kajol Has Grown As An Actor Over The Years And How They Deal With The Paps

It’s fun to get to know the person, who is completely opposite to you in every manner. You start to admire all the dissimilarities of that person and start to appreciate the way they take things and how they react to different situations. It somewhat turns out to be an adventure for you, to find out more about that special someone with whom you feel like spending the rest of your life. And the perfect exemplars to this notion is Ajay Devgn and Kajol. On one side, Ajay is a serious actor and doesn’t talk much about his personal life, on the other hand, Kajol is known for her chirpiness and outspokenness. (Recommended Read: Tara Jay Bhanushali And Her Nani's Precious Moment Together Is What Every Grandparent Craves For)

When dusky beauty, Kajol had taken the decision of marrying the love of her life, Ajay Devgn, everyone including her family had opposed her decision. Even the media had speculated that the duo would not be able to stand the test of time and would fall apart, but proving everyone wrong, Kajol and Ajay are going strong in their relationship. The duo was last seen in the movie, U, Me Aur Hum and after 11 years they are back on the silver screen with their upcoming movie, Tanahji: The Unsung Warrior. This movie holds a special place in Ajay’s heart as not only will he be sharing the screen space with Kajol, but this movie will be his 100th movie.

ajay devgn and kajol

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Ajay Devgn opened up about how things have changed in Bollywood over the years, how his wife, Kajol has grown as an actor and how they deal with the paps when it comes to their kids. Talking about how Kajol has changed as an actor over the years, Ajay revealed, “She has always been a fabulous actor. We feel amazed that she suddenly becomes someone else in front of the camera. She can effortlessly switch on and off. With experience, comes maturity, and she has matured as a person. Her understanding of things has become better. She has gone beyond what she was as an actor.”

Kajol And Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn is a private person and doesn’t like to talk about his personal life and prefers to stay away from the excess of media attention. During the same interview, Ajay also talked about how he and Kajol react when their kids, Nysa and Yug are constantly snapped by the shutterbugs and how comfortable is he with the same. Ajay was quoted as saying, “I’m not comfortable with that. But I can’t do anything about it. And so, my children, Kajol and I choose to ignore it because you can’t fight these things.” (Suggested Read: Priyanka Chopra Jonas And Nick Jonas' Kiss On The Red Carpet Of Golden Globes Is All About Love)

Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Yug and Nysa Devgan

Ajay Devgn also spoke about the change in the concept of stardom over the years and how social media has changed the same. He said, “I think the stardom that we all knew of back in the day has faded away. With the influx of social media, one knows everything about a star. Every tiny detail about them is out there for the people to read and know. Earlier, you didn’t know much about a star. You only knew them from afar. So, there was a sense of intrigue surrounding stars. You wanted to know more about them and their lives. But that’s over now. People keep asking me about who I think is the next superstar. I tell them that the term ‘superstar’ doesn’t hold any relevance today. There’ll be stars but no superstars anymore. But these stars will change every Friday. I really believe that the era of the superstars is over now.”

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In an earlier interview with the IANS, Ajay Devgn had shared his angst as his kids have to go through such harsh trolling. Ajay had said, "Judge me but don't judge my kids. Kajol and I are the actors, judge us...it's because of us, our children are under the spotlight every time. Being judgmental about someone is not a good thing. If I start passing judgement on someone, that person would obviously feel bad...so do my children. Honestly speaking, those people don't really matter. But I feel bad sometimes when my kids go through such harsh trolling."    

Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Yug and Nysa Devgan

Ajay Devgn is considered to be very shy and stays away from the limelight and on the other hand, his wife, Kajol is like a live wire, who can burst into vivacious laughter within seconds and becomes the jaan of any party! In an interview with the Filmfare, Ajay had revealed that one thing which irritates him about Kajol and when asked whether he would like to change anything about her, the adorable hubby had replied, “She talks too much on the set. Whenever you tell her to concentrate, she’d probably be doing something else. I do keep complaining about her talking too much but when she’s quiet I keep asking her what’s wrong. So, I don’t want to change anything.” (Must Read: Katrina Kaif's 'Always Got Your Back' Birthday Wish For Sister, Isabelle Kaif Is Every Sibling Ever)       

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Here’s wishing Ajay Devgn, all the very best for his 100th movie, Tanahji: The Unsung Warrior! 

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