5 Adorable Moments Of Harbhajan Singh And Geeta Basra That Prove They Were Meant To Be Together


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5 Adorable Moments Of Harbhajan Singh And Geeta Basra That Prove They Were Meant To Be Together

There’s always been an enigmatic connection between cricket and the world of movies, i.e. apna Bollywood, so much so, that we have witnessed some of the most beautiful love stories, one of them being, Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra. 

Their love story is quite filmy, with Bhajji paaji spotting this London di kudi in a Bollywood song and chasing her for good 10 months before she finally said a yes. I mean, where can you find a nice gentleman who is a celeb, is patient and subtly persuasive to woo his girl? If this impressed you all, here are 5 adorable moments of Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra that makes them one of the most-loved couples. 

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#1. When Harbhajan Singh made the 'nach’ moment just wonderful

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We had to start with Nach Baliye since a lot has already been written about it already and we are sort of excited. So everyone’s saying they are going to be the wild card entrants in Nach Baliye Season 8, but there’s no confirmation as yet.

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The few photos of Bhajji, Geeta and little Hinaya, that we found directly from the sets of Nach Baliye are just amazing, to say the least. Bhajji matched every step with his Bollywood wifey Geeta and we can just hope we find someone who manages our level of crazy!

#2. When Bhajji got all filmy and struck a pose with Geeta and called her Biwi No. 1

Image Courtesy: Instagram

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So what if they have a cute, little toddler! The new mommy and daddy, Harbhajan and Geeta, can still look as well as act like any couple who loves filmy antics, right? This picture is the biggest proof - sarso ke khet and the typical Bollywood ishtyle pose. And the way Harbhajan captioned is the sweetest. 

"Ohnu yellow Rang sona lagda ,Phool sarso de sungdi fireee,shoes bhul gayi oh Gucci de,jutti Mochi tho banayi lagdi ..akah nilliaa ch kala kajra,shakeen jatt na viayi lagdi.Gori london tho aayi lagdi @geetabasra #merapind #pinddimauj #chittakurtapyjama #sardariwalachkyaflagni #desiswagg #biwino1 thank you @piyush.dedhia this is what I was looking for"

#3. When Harbhajan Singh shared the sweetest Valentine’s Day message 

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So it has been proven that Harbhajan Singh is one really romantic man, considering he waited for his ladylove to accept his love so patiently. Now, what he did on Valentine’s Day literally stole our hearts. Bhajji took not just Geeta but also his princess on a wonderful date. The way he captioned the photo got out hearts fluttering.  

"Happy Valentine's Day to my wife and my lil Nonu #rooftop #romanticwho ? #me ? thank you @itcgrandcentral for the lovely eve #topview #food"

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#4. When Bhajji took out time and went to attend a few classes during Geeta’s pregnancy

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Yes, it’s true. The adorable daddy-to-be that Harbhajan Singh is, he actually went and attended a few classes where they tell you what to expect when you are expecting. 

#5. And when Harbhajan also handled Geeta’s mood swings like a pro

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Harbhajan, in one of the interviews, jokingly once said that pregnant or otherwise, it’s not easy to stay with a woman. His mantra of handling Geeta’s mood swings was spot on. He said: 

“One must try to understand her situation and be as supportive as possible. That’s what I do. Do gaali aur khalo jahan itni khayi hain. Kya jaata hai.. jab itni sun ke chup ho, toh do aur sunke chup raho (laughs).” 

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Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra, you guys make one really fabulous looking pair and here’s hoping to see a little more of couple goals from you both. Which adorable moment do you think is the best one from the list above; do share with us in the comments below. 

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