Adhyayan Suman Reveals How Casting Directors Made Him Feel Like A Dog While He Was Finding Work

In a recent interview, Adhyayan Suman recalled the time when casting directors misguided him and made him feel like a dog. Heres what he revealed about working in Bollywood.


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Adhyayan Suman Reveals How Casting Directors Made Him Feel Like A Dog While He Was Finding Work

The talented actor, Adhyayan Suman, son of Shekhar Suman, is undoubtedly one of the few actors, whose acting potential was never discovered fully by Bollywood. The actor made his debut in the Hindi film industry with the film, Haal-E-Dil, which was released in 2008. After this, he appeared in Raaz-The Mystery Continues, for which Adhyayan received positive feedback for his performance.

Not only this, he was even appreciated for his acting in the film, Jashnn, but even after so many promising and versatile characters in his career, he didn't receive many significant opportunities to work in film. In a recent interview with a media portal, Adhyayan shared the reasons behind his unfulfilled career in Bollywood despite starting on a high note.

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Adhyayan Suman on casting directors told him to party with star kids

In a recent interview with ETimes, Adhyayan Suman opened up about when he struggled to get some work in the film industry. The actor revealed how he wasn’t getting any roles despite giving so many auditions. When the actor was asked about the casting directors in Bollywood, Adhyayan shared a painful anecdote about the same. The actor revealed that many casting directors suggested Adhyayan to attend parties with star kids to increase his circle in the industry. Adhyayan also revealed how he was told to attend parties and events, in which he was not interested at all.

Adhyayan Suman

Further, in the same interview, Adhyayan Suman admitted that he gave a shot at the networking game that casting directors suggested him to play. However, the actor explained how things went downhill for him.

Even after he tried to try his luck in getting along with the star kids, he found it extremely uncomfortable. Adhyayan shared how casting directors used to call him 2 a.m. at midnight and used to ask him to come to a party. The actor also added that he felt like a ‘dog’ back in those days.

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When Adhyayan Suman revealed he was removed from multiple projects due to his father, Shekhar Suman

Adhyayan Suman Reveals Producers Fired Him From Projects To Take Revenge From His Dad, Shekhar Suman

Once in an old interview with the Hindustan Times, Adhyayan Suman spoke about his struggles to secure work in the film industry. The actor revealed being removed from multiple projects by prominent producers at the last minute. When the actor was asked about the reasons behind such decisions, Adhyayan revealed that producers wanted to take revenge against his father, Shekhar Suman.

Shekhar Suman Worries For Son, Adhyayan Suman, Shockingly Reveals He Had Suicidal Phase In The Past

According to Adhyayan Suman, producers were upset by his father's comments about them long years ago on his show, Movers and Shakers. Although the show was scripted and there was nothing that Shekhar Suman said on his behalf, but the producers were keen to take revenge on him. Thus they removed Adhyayan from multiple projects.

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