Aanchal Khurana Blasts At Paras Chhabra's Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri For Not Moving On In Her Life

'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' fame, Aanchal Khurana accused Paras Chhabra's ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri, for not moving on after their bitter breakup. Read More!


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Aanchal Khurana Blasts At Paras Chhabra's Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri For Not Moving On In Her Life

The whole world is suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic and the statistics that we are getting from different parts of the world are a worrying sign for everyone. Talking about India, there are 4,778 cases, 136 deaths, and 382 recoveries so far, which tells us about the situation that we have in our hand right now. However, celebrities and common people aren’t losing their willpower seeing these troublesome results. As they continue to inspire, motivate, and entertain people from their home with the help of social media. (Recommended Read: EXCLUSIVE: Ekta Kaul Reveals Her Hubby Sumeet Vyas' Reaction When She'd Told Him About Her Pregnancy)

Talking about the entertainment industry, the interviews are happening with the help of Instagrams live chat or telephonic interviews to keep people updated about what is happening around. One such interview that is getting a lot of attention is of the recently-aired show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge winner, Aanchal Khurana's, who talked about Paras Chhabra and his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri in her recent interview.

In a recent Instagram Live session with the Koimoi, the television actress was asked about the nature of Paras Chhabra. On which, the actress revealed that he’s a nice guy and disapproved his image of being a womanizer created by people on the internet. Moving forward, the actress was asked about her reaction on the bitter break-up of Paras Chhabra and his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri and the war of words that is still going on. On this, Aanchal lashed out at Akanksha Puri for not moving on in her own life as she blamed her for talking about him constantly in media. She said, “Akanksha Puri? Yes, she’s still trolling him. I don’t know why? Move on, na! I saw some TikTok video with Ajaz Khan, where he’s saying ‘tu mahira ke paas chala gaya isko chodke’ or something. Ek ladki ko ijjat dila rahe ho, baaki ki gira rahe ho? When you say respect women, respect all women. Aap apne ghar ke aurato ko respect mat karo khali.” (Don’t Miss: Janhvi Kapoor Shares How Her Sister, Khushi Kapoor Makes Sure She Spends Time With Her, Video Inside)

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Well, if you are wondering, is there anything going in-between Aanchal Khurana and Paras Chhabra, then there are speculations that Aanchal is a little bit interested in Paras. The actress had talked about the connection she has with Paras in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, and had stated, “A week is not enough to decide who will be your life partner. But we are good friends now. I was surprised to know that Paras knew me even before I entered the show. However, we hadn’t met before." Going further she had revealed the hidden connection they share. She had added, “Also, I had to put fewer efforts from my side to make a connection with Paras as we had several things in common. He belongs to Vrindavan and my parents go there every month for 20 years. We used to talk about wahan ki tikki, wahan ke chaat, chole bhature, etc.”

However, in the same interview, the actress had also talked about the one thing that disappointed her during her time on the show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. She had revealed, “After the advent of social media, nobody cares about what work you’ve done in the past or how well you performed. People are only concerned about their social media followers. When I entered the show, not a single person asked me about my work but the question which popped up every time was how many followers I had. I was a bit taken aback by this initially.” (Also Read: Is Chahhat Khanna Dating Mika Singh? The Duo Drops Hints As They Call Each Other 'Quarantine Love')

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