A Unique Concept That Can Help You Earn From Your Own Wedding


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A Unique Concept That Can Help You Earn From Your Own Wedding

We’ve all shared rides on Uber and Ola with strangers and shared our homes with travellers through AIR BnB, but did you ever think about inviting strangers from around the world to your wedding? On top of that, did you ever imagine that you could earn money from your own wedding, rather than spending on it? No, right? But in this world of innovative start-ups, we came across one which lets you do exactly that!

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Yes, a website named JoinMyWedding.com can help you earn from your own wedding. How you ask? Well, here’s all about the concept of this website.

Fascinated by Indian culture, many travellers even wish to witness an Indian wedding, which shows the beautiful colours and traditions of India like nothing else can! And, with a plan to cash in on this idea, three women, Ms Orsi Parkanyi, Ms Pallavi Savant and Ms Marti Matecsa, came up with JoinMyWedding.com.

The soon-to-be married couples can register on this website and put their wedding’s tickets on sale for the travellers from all around the world. As a traveller buys a particular wedding’s ticket, he buys for himself an authentic and cultural experience he longed for!

So, what exactly does it take for you to invite international guests to your wedding, you ask? Well, it’s simple, just 4 easy steps and you can earn from your wedding:

#1. Register your wedding

You register your wedding on the website by filling out a form. Furnish details like your wedding date and venue, ceremony details, number of tickets for sale and price per ticket. It is up to you what you include in the ticket price, but be as specific as possible to justify the price tag. You might set the price anywhere from 100, 500 to even 1000 USD per ticket, depending upon the kind of accommodation and the experiences you are offering.

#2. Select your wedding tickets to be public or private

Once wedding details are entered, you can then set your wedding as private or public. If you’re making it public, anyone can buy the ticket to your wedding. However if you want to keep it private, you will be able to invite people to your wedding via a shareable link only.

#3. Nominate a person

To make the experience convenient for you and your guests, you will be required to nominate a person whom the invited guests can connect with after the ticket has been bought, should they need more information about the wedding.

#4. Share your invite on social media

And, your account is ready and you can share your invite on your social media accounts or via e-mail and start making money!

Besides selling tickets, JoinMyWedding.com allows couples to crowdfund their wedding by asking family and friends to contribute to the wedding costs prior to the event. This way, the guests will not have to worry about gifts and will have the easier option of contributing to the wedding costs, and the couple will be benefitted for obvious reasons!

Moreover, JoinMyWedding.com now invites you to register your upcoming wedding over the next two weeks for your chance to have your wedding featured in a leading Australian wedding magazine. That's not all, couples registering their wedding at JoinMyWedding will also get a chance to get featured on BollywoodShaadis.com. In addition, all couples who register over the next 14 days will also receive personalised one-on-one consultation from the JoinMyWedding.com team in order to make sure the wedding registration page is top notch and all tickets are sold.

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So, how did you like this idea? Wouldn’t you like to earn some money from your wedding? Will you register your wedding and share it with the world? Tell us in the comments below.