Arranged Marriage: 9 Ways To Decode Your Would-Be-Husband's Personality


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Arranged Marriage: 9 Ways To Decode Your Would-Be-Husband's Personality

As if the anticipation and nervousness of marrying a guy who is unknown to you is not intimidating enough! And, your parents, of course think he is the right choice for you. Every girl who gets married through the traditional Indian arranged marriage set-up has to find ways of getting to know her partner better. She must know his likes and dislikes and most importantly, the way his mind functions before she ties the knot. Knowing him thoroughly gives her the security and the peace of mind of having made the right decision.

So, if you too are getting married anytime soon or the groom hunting at your place has started, here are a few tips that will surely help you analyse how your would-be groom's mind works.

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#1. The way he is looking at you speaks volumes about his personality

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For instance, does he make eye contact with you while he speaks? That shows his confidence. Does he smile while talking, or is he expressionless as he speaks? A smiling face is a happy soul, who will always give you good company. Is he interested in what you are saying or keeps checking his phone every now and then? That determines whether he is keener on having a relationship with you or his cell phone!

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#2. He will always think before he speaks

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Women are more spontaneous than men when it comes to talking. They often speak before analysing the consequences and regret it later. Men however do not do that. They are pretty calculative when it comes to weighing their words. And so, they might take a pause before speaking up. That does not make him slow or less responsive.

#3. It can seem like he is thinking about something important while actually his mind is blank

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The look on his face might compel you to believe that he has something really serious on his mind, probably something to do with the way you look or talk or sit etc. While actually, the matter on his mind might be non-existent! Yes, that is how talented they are!

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#4. He will always take some time to process, that does not mean he is not interested

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Women are multi-taskers. They can think of 10 different things at one time, plan, organise, and get things going all in a planned time frame. Men on the other hand, take one thing at a time and complete it slowly. And so, your guy might seem a little slow in responding, while actually he is just processing everything you say and do one by one!

#5. He is not being unfair, he is just thinking logically and not emotionally

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Their emotional quotient is a little less than women and so at times, they may seem unfair. But if you keep your emotions aside and come to think of it, the situation will seem more just in the long run, if thought of logically and practically.

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#6. He can be shy to start a conversation, take the hint!

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Like most women, men too can be shy at starting conversations. The arranged marriage scenario can be as new and frightening for them as it is for you, and so they might seem to come across as being shy. If you feel that he just is not talking, then you make the effort and get the conversations started. If he still chooses to stay mum, then he is just actually shy or an introvert!

#7. He would want you to be respectful towards his parents

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Wanting a wife who respects his parents is not a wrong thing to expect as he loves his folks just the way you love and respect your own. So, if he points this out in his conversations, do not mistake him for being demanding. He is just trying to tell you that he is close to his parents and wants a partner who loves them as her own. And, he too will show the same love and care towards your parents always!

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#8. He might not necessarily be a show off, he just wants you to like him back

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When he likes you enough to want to marry you and cannot think of anyone but you, he will want to impress you in every way possible to make sure you like him back just the same way. He might brag a bit about his achievements to you but just during the initial meetings. That’s just his way to show his positive side to you. But if he does that over and over again every time you meet him, talks in a fake accent after visiting abroad for three months, shows off fake brands and expensive phones then he’s just a show off!

#9. His date choices reflect his personal choices

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The restaurants he chooses for your dinner dates, the kind of clubs he takes you to, and even the choice of food he orders shows a lot about his taste and preferences. You can judge what he likes and dislikes just by his choices without having to ask him yourself.

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So, just be sure of these gestures and expectations and you are good to be a great judge of his thinking process and personality; at least enough to help you decide whether he is the correct match for you or not!

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