9 Different Eyeliner Looks That Will Make You Stand Out At Every Occasion


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9 Different Eyeliner Looks That Will Make You Stand Out At Every Occasion

With makeup artists taking up the challenge of giving the audience newer and bolder styles, no wonder that every year the models rock the ramp with new style statements. Most of these styles can be easily recreated at home with a combination of little help from the professional tutorials and the right products. This variety proves to be really helpful especially for all those lovely ladies, who will just be getting married and need to wear makeup every now and then to attend some special function.

Well, if you are tired of wearing your eyeliner in the same way, try any of these new styles instead.

#1. Winged tip

This way of wearing eyeliner is very popular these days. It gives the eyes a well-defined look along with upping the glam quotient. Get this look easily by simply following the steps shown in the video below: 

Video Courtesy: Be Beautiful Youtube Channel

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#2. White liner

A must in every girl’s makeup box today is the white liner. This trendy liner can really add a lot to your eye makeup. Apply it on the lower waterline to give your eyes a wider look. You can also use this trick when you have not slept well, since it will give the eyes a well-rested look.

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#3. Straight as an arrow

Images Courtesy: Michelle Phan Youtube Channel

This is a wonderful way to wear the eyeliner, and make your eyes look longer. You can create a visually stunning effect in just a few simple steps. First, create an outline as depicted in the image below, and then fill this space. Once you have filled the space, take the liner pencil towards the inner side of your eye to complete the look.

Try this look with the bright traditional dresses like sarees and suits that you would be wearing quite often after your wedding.

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#4. Smokey eyes

There is something very retro-chic about smokey eyes. The smokey look can make the eyes look sultry and grunge. To attain this look, simply apply a thick line of kohl on your eyes and then just smudge it out. Here is a video tutorial to explain more on how to make your eyes look smokey:

Video Courtesy: Be Beautiful Youtube Channel

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#5. Glitter liner

Image Courtesy: easyNeon Youtube Channel

For all those who love everything glittery and shiny, why not grab one of the latest glitter eyeliners and dress up your eyes? The chic liner will jazz up your eyes instantly transforming you from a working girl into a dancing queen. Apply it the same way you would apply your normal eyeliner. But remember, do not just wear it with all that flashy jewellery that you just bought before your wedding.

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#6. Coloured liner

If you are tired of using the same boring black, do not worry. There are plenty of colours that you can add in your makeup kit now. You can pick up any of the pastel colours that are so much in vogue right now, or if you want something bold then use a metallic shade.

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#7. Dual eyeliner

This latest trend combines two colours in the eye makeup. For this look, apply a thick line of black eyeliner on the upper lid. Glam this ‘regular look’ by adding a thin line of eyeliner in another colour. This is a fantastic way to make your eyes pop out and grab attention. Just have a look at this video to learn the art of applying dual eyeliner:

Video Courtesy: Be Beautiful Youtube Channel

#8. Cat eyes

It has become a popular trend to make cat eyes with the liner. If you have already become an expert at this style and are reluctant to let go of it, here is something new. Apply the liner in your usual style, but instead of creating the flick with black liner, use a metallic shade like teal to create the flick. You can also use glitter eyeliner.

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#9. Go black and white 

Remember the dramatic black and white eye makeup that Kareena Kapoor sported in the movie ‘Heroine’? You can also achieve the same bold and dramatic eyes by playing around with the eye shadow and eyeliner. This is a fabulous look for those night outs when you wish to do something glamorous. Here is how to achieve this look: 

Video Courtesy: Be Beautiful Youtube Channel

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With so many new ways to dress up your eyes, makeup has never been more fun. There are plenty of liners in the market that you can get hold of to get started. So what are you waiting for? Just pick your favourite and rock the world with those beautiful eyes. 

Image Credit: Sonam/Instagram feed
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