9 Simply Unique And Amazing Ways To Add Sparklers In An Indian Wedding


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9 Simply Unique And Amazing Ways To Add Sparklers In An Indian Wedding

Indian weddings, now truly follow the phrase, “sky is the limit”. From designer clothes and lavish wedding venues to destination weddings and hiring Bollywood stars to perform at the wedding, the list keeps getting bigger. Couples rope in the best of the best vendors for their weddings, to make sure that it becomes the talk of the town.

Well, for all those who are leaving no stone unturned to customise their wedding to make it truly unforgettable, here is an amazing way to add some extra ‘sparkle’ to this special moment. Get ready to spice up your already lavish affair by adding sparklers to your big fat Indian wedding.

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#1. To save the date

Image Courtesy: Aaron Borchers Studio

Though a relatively new concept for Indian couples, save the date photo shoots are now getting very popular and are the “in” thing to do. So, go ahead and have a “save the date” photo shoot. And, instead of going for sign boards or cut-outs to reveal your wedding date, why not do it with sparklers? It will certainly make your photos all the more thrilling and bright!

Image Courtesy: Sophan Theam Photography

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#2. For your pre-wedding photo shoot

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

Not much time at hand to go for a ‘save the date’ photo shoot? Well, then add sparklers in your pre-wedding photo shoot. Usually, props such as sign boards, heart-shaped pillows and soft toys are used in pre-wedding photo shoots. How about trying sparklers instead of the usual props that every other couple would be using?

Image Courtesy: Trevor Allen Photography

Image Courtesy: Studio Uma

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#3. For welcoming the bride and the groom

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Make a sparkling entry into your wedding or any of the other functions, like engagement or reception. You can ask your guests to hold sparklers as you enter the venue. And, since it is the moment to celebrate love, instead of going for regular phuljhari, go for heart-shaped sparklers. Heart-shaped sparklers like the ones we found at VIP Sparklers, will surely up the romance-quotient of the celebrations and will make your entry all the more “wow”!

Images Courtesy: VIP Sparklers

Image Courtesy: Kristen Booth

#4. On your cocktails

Images Courtesy (left to right): Missyblurkit; i dream with Alice

Yes, you can add sparklers to your cocktail function as well. Give your drinks a unique and creative touch by adding sparklers on them. This will certainly leave your guests asking for more.

Image Courtesy: VIP Sparklers

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#5. On the wedding cake

Go a step further and add sparklers on your wedding cake. Yes, there are specifically designed sparklers that are absolutely safe to be used on cakes and desserts. We found beautiful gold and silver cake sparklers, at VIP Sparklers. These bright cake sparklers would match any wedding theme, and would instantly add an interesting charm to your wedding photographs.

Images Courtesy: VIP Sparklers

Image Courtesy: Jasmine Star Photography

What’s more? Light a few sparklers while it is being cut for creating a surreal atmosphere and ambience.

Image Courtesy: Alec & T Photography

If you thought that sparklers could only show you their magical and mesmerising effects on the wedding or reception cake, you thought wrong! Place safe sparklers on wedding desserts to light up the aesthetic appeal of the food area.

Images Via (left to right): CupCake Ideas; VIP Sparklers

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#6. On the wedding dance floor

Image Courtesy: Greg Blomberg Photography

Generally during the sangeet or the reception function, the lovely couple is left alone on the dance floor to share a romantic Bollywood song. Well, just as you take your sweetheart’s hand and step on the floor to enjoy that moment, imagine sparklers from all directions flaring up and making your moment all the more bright. So, place some sparklers all around the floor for a fairy tale wedding dance?

Image Courtesy: Greg Blomberg Photography

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#7. For the wedding décor

Images Courtesy (left to right): Hartley PhotographyGimme Some Oven

The wedding décor need not always comprise of flower arrangements. Place small sparklers that would not shoot up, in glass jars for a décor idea your guest have never seen before. What’s more? You can use this as an idea to light up the entryway of your venue, or use it as table top decorative item.

Images Via (left to right): URALLSTARDUST; VIP Sparklers Blog

#8. During the vidaai

Images Courtesy: Wanderer Photography

Here is an idea that we would like to give to the bride’s family. If you want to make her feel more special than ever, then give her a princess like treatment by bidding her farewell by lighting sparkler all the way! The brides’ loved ones can hold sparklers in their hands as the bride’s doli makes it way out. You can also have them beautifully arranged on the road the couple’s car will set off on, and light all together once they are ready to leave.

Image Via: Sparklers Online

Image Courtesy: Tessa J Photography

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#9. Wedding fireworks

Image Courtesy: Jasmine Star Photography

And finally, after the wedding ceremony has taken place, light all the sparklers and other crackers together to mark the commencement of the couple’s newly-married life. What better way than to say it with a splendid fireworks show for the couple and their guests!

So, make your wedding bigger and grander by using all these awesome tips. Let the sparklers display the beauty and serenity of your love through their sizzling sparkle. But at the same time, be careful and ask your wedding planner to make all safety arrangements before using them.

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