11 Absolutely Steal-Worthy Trends To Make Your Wedding Fun And Memorable


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11 Absolutely Steal-Worthy Trends To Make Your Wedding Fun And Memorable

Wedding trends are ever evolving and seldom changing. What is in vogue today might get outdated tomorrow, and a trend as old as one that was “happening” five decades back might suddenly come back in fashion. Well, every to-be-hitched couple wants to have a dream wedding that is memorable not only for them, but also unforgettable for their guests. And, one of the best ways to do so is, add the latest trends to make your wedding fun and unique.

If you are about to get married, you would also be looking for every new trend that you can add in your wedding to make it a class apart affair. So, here are a few such amazing wedding trends that became popular last year and are here to rule this (and upcoming) wedding season.

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#1. Pre-wedding Photo Shoots

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

A fairly ‘new’ concept that has been ruling the wedding photography industry, is that of the pre-wedding photo shoot. Bollywood like poses, exotic locations and scenic backgrounds, are the perfect way for a couple to celebrate and capture their courtship phase. What's more? You can also add some creative props to make it even more exciting and fun (Read Here). Not only will it leave you with some fun memories, but will also allow you to spend some quality time together.

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

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#2. Photo Booths

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

No wedding today is complete without a photo booth. The whacky props and sets created at the wedding are the perfect way for your guests to have a gala time while getting their pictures clicked. These will create beautiful and fun memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Well, if you are still confused whether you should have a photo booth at your wedding or not, then let us solve this one for you. Read: 5 Reasons Why Indian Couples Must Have A Photo Booth At Their Wedding

#3. Wedding Lounges For Guests

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Wedding lounges are the “in” thing today. Yes we agree there is nothing new about wedding lounges when it comes to Indian weddings, but the way couples and their planners are experimenting with it, is certainly worth being called a trend. Wedding vendors arrange for lounge like furniture and make beautiful sitting areas, decorated with curtains, flowers, low-seating, etc., at either indoor or outdoor locations. They are comfortable, chic yet classy.

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

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#4. Sparklers

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

Sparklers add a touch of glamour to the wedding. They can be used for the pre-wedding shoot, during the entry of the couple or during the vidaai, or when the cake is being cut. It can also be used when the dance floor is being burned with some killer moves and chemistry as the newly-married couple performs their first dance together.

Image Courtesy: Greg Blomberg Photography

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#5. Unique Entry For Bride And Groom

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

Larger than life and grand set ups for the entry of the bride and the groom are becoming quite popular these days. The brides are entering the venue on a beautiful carriage or bring lifted in a stunning palki. And, the grooms are arriving in luxury cars or with a fleet of elephants. Well, why just elaborate and expensive? You can also go for something as simple yet equally unique, like dancing your way into the wedding venue/madap or entering the venue in a decked-up tuk-tuk.

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Well, take a look at this. Here is a wedding where the groom made a royal entry on an elephant, while the bride made even more stunning one on a Royal Enfield. Worth a steal, we say!

Images Courtesy: Cupcake Productions Photography

Dear grooms, if you feel that your bride will steal all the limelight with her entry, then it is time to make you the centre of attention as well, as it is your wedding too. So, read our Unique Ideas for Indian Grooms to Make a Grand Wedding Entrance

#6. Unique Wedding Invitations

Image Courtesy: Madhesh Arthanarisamy | Flickr

Image Courtesy: Po Tweet Invitations

Invitation cards on chocolate wrappers, in the shape of boarding passes or credit cards, cards inspired by Bollywood movie posters, huge goodie boxes with lots of cool stuff in it, etc., are trends doing the rounds today. Not only are they cool, but also is a mark of the couple’s style statement even before their wedding functions begin.

Image Courtesy: Bellissima Kids

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#7. Monograms

Image Courtesy: Sharik Verma Wedding Photography

Well, what can be a better way to personalise your wedding than adding monograms in it? Monograms are the initials of the couple’s name. But, when it comes to Indian weddings, we have started seeing couples experiment with everything from initials to their full name. Even Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan added monograms to every aspect of her wedding from wedding cards to the wedding cake (Read Here). Now that is a steal-worthy idea, right?

Image Courtesy: Karma Event Lighting

If you too are looking for ideas on how to add monograms to your wedding, then let us help you out. Here are 10 Amazing Ways Monograms Can Make An Indian Wedding Truly Memorable

#8. Guest Book

Image Courtesy: Hustle & Shine

Guest book is another western concept that Indian weddings now seem to have fallen in love with. A guest book is a book that is kept at the wedding, in which the guests leave their best wishes and sweet advices for the couple. And, guest books are no longer confined to being just “books”. They have become so creative and elaborate, and maybe that is one reason that has made Indian couples take a shine to them.

Image Courtesy: Things Remembered

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#9. Wedding Entertainment

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Not only wedding choreography, but inviting celebrities and singers to perform at the wedding, is also the top trend of the season. You can arrange to invite performers according to your pocket. Inviting professional dancers and entertainers to perform live at the wedding functions is also very much in vogue!

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Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

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#10. Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Elaborate, unique and personalised wedding cakes have been a sight to watch out at Indian weddings nowadays. From monograms to caricature cake toppers, Indian couples too are now getting adventurous and creative with their wedding cakes (See Here). For couples for whom the devil lies in the details, are now taking every possible care to make sure that their wedding cakes match their personality and their wedding theme.

Image Courtesy: Sharik Verma Wedding Photography

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

If you too want to have a unique and an absolutely “wow-worthy” cake at your wedding, then first read our Top 10 Tips To Help You Choose A Perfect Cake For Your Wedding

#11. Elaborate Wedding Favors

Images Courtesy: My Wedding Favours

More than a trend, this is a matter of making your wedding absolutely unforgettable for your guests! Unlike the olden days where a sagan ka lifafa with 1 rupee on it, was a wedding favor that was appreciated by all, giving out creative and personalised gifts to all those who attend the wedding is now a trend that is here to stay!

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Cottage Online

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Whatever trend you add to your wedding depends on how much you want to spend. If you sit down and make a proper budget prioritising your requirements, you will be able to accommodate all the trends together too. When you add your creativity with DIY ideas and some research, then will find that any and every trend can fit in your budget. So, plan well, and make your wedding an absolutely "trendy" affair!

Cover Image Courtesy: Inderjeet Gill Photography