Everything That Young Lovebirds Can Learn About Relationships In Tanu Weds Manu Returns


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Everything That Young Lovebirds Can Learn About Relationships In Tanu Weds Manu Returns

This movie might win a National Film Award for its star cast. And undoubtedly, it has recieved a lot of accolades. A lot of us strongly feel that Tanu Weds Manu Returns, is truly Kangana Ranaut, R. Madhavan as well as Jimmy Shergill's best performance till date. Well, we know we felt the same after the movie, Tanu Weds Manu, prequel to this movie. But, this movie franchise keeps amazing us with more and more splendid work. Tanu Weds Manu Returns is taking the nation by storm as it has a little something for everyone. It makes you laugh your heart out, wipe your tears at times, and is thoroughly refreshing.

But, along with all this, it very beautifully manages to break some of the most common relationship myths that probably a lot of us believe in. So, we thought of getting them out of the movie and here in the open for you.

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Myth #1. Love can never be lost in a 'love marriage'

Well, it most certainly can. Sometimes, it is not the people who change, but the circumstances that do. Else, who could even imagine Tanu and Manu considering a divorce after seeing how the two got married. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one, if love has to fly out of the window, it eventually will.

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Myth #2. Settling abroad after marriage makes you cool and your life more exciting

Most Indians consider it to be the coolest thing. But, being away from your own people in a strange new land can make you go bananas. As Tanu says, apart from a few raccoons, there is hardly anyone visible near their home in London. You might show people around you a different picture, but deep down inside, the loneliness kills you. And, this loneliness is quite sure to have a bad effect on your relationship as well.

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Myth #3. Once things start to go wrong in a marriage, it soon ends on a bad note

Well, even though things went haywire between Tanu and Manu, and despite the fact that he was ready to remarry all dressed up and ghodi pe sawar, he could not do it. And eventually, the two got back together. Does this myth require any more clarifications?

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Myth #4. It is easy to fall in love again after a troubled marriage

Even though Tanu tries her best to flirt with all her ex-flames, she is shaken when she gets to know of Manu’s affair. Manu too is in love with Kusum because she looks like Tanu, and not because of the kind of person she is. This just goes on to show how hung up they still are on each other even though they do not accept it.

Myth #5. Modern couples are way more broad-minded about things like artificial insemination

In today’s age, no couple can remain childless due to the advanced science and technology. A simple couple from Punjab, Tanu and Manu’s respective best friends go through the process too. But, in the beginning, the wife hides this fact from her husband in an endeavour to not let his manhood suffer. And, when he comes to know about this, he is actually angry about it. But eventually, it was his maturity that made him come to terms with it and he accepted it in the end.

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Myth #6. Your first love is your last one

Raja Awasthi was supposed to be Tanu’s first love, but Sharmaji managed to sway her off her feet... twice. Our sympathies with you Raja!

tanu weds manu returns relationship lessons jimmy shergill

And, we totally love you.

Myth #7. The ex-flame is always the bad guy

Raja Awasthi gives his fiancée’s (Tanu) hand in marriage to Manu in the first part. And, in the second one, even though Manu again hits on his fiancée (Kusum), he maintains his calm and instead of picking up fights, helps out in the wedding preparations. Finally, when he sees Tanu to be sad with Manu's decision to move on, he goes on to convince him to change his mind. Well, we are all hearts for this so-called villain all the way!

tanu weds manu returns relationship lessons jimmy shergill

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Myth #8. If you make one wrong choice, your parents do not support you any longer in your future decisions

Manu’s parents stood by each and every decision of his from the first part of the movie until the last. Because for them, proving that their decision was right is not that important as is their son’s happiness. Parents just want what is best for their children and want to see them happy always. And, this is just the kind of message that Manu’s parents gave to all of us.

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Myth #9. If you have been mean to her son, your mother-in-law will be no less than a devil to you in the way she treats you

Tanu left her son in a mental asylum, broke off her marriage with him, and then came home and misbehaved! What was her mother-in-law’s reaction to all of this? She offered her a painkiller just by looking at her disturbed state of mind. And, there truly are a lot of women who treat their daughters-in-law as their daughters. Not all mothers-in-law come from the family of Hitler, and this film shows that beautifully.

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As funny as this movie was, it went on to teach us many lessons and managed to break quite a few myths related to love marriages and the common stereotypical thinking and mindset. So, if you still have not managed to catch it, what are you waiting for? And, for all of you who have watched this movie and believe you can add more to this list, do share the same with us in the comments section below!

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