9 Most Common Thoughts Every Indian Bride Has On Her Wedding Day


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9 Most Common Thoughts Every Indian Bride Has On Her Wedding Day

Wedding is certainly the most beautiful day of a woman’s life. And, she puts a lot of efforts to make this day absolutely flawless. From a perfect dress to the best makeup, everything is taken care of well in advance so that she is completely relaxed on her wedding day. However, despite so much of pre-planning, a bride is still surrounded by a plethora of thoughts as soon as the big day arrives.

As going through this roller coaster ride of thoughts on her wedding day is quite normal for a bride, there are a few of them that commonly take rounds in the minds of every bride-to-be. So, if you are gearing up to tie the knot in near future, you better be prepared to handle these things, which almost all brides think about on their wedding day.   

#1. Have I taken the right decision?

There is no doubt that you two are just a perfect match for each other. But, certain thoughts on the wedding day might just freak you out to such an extent that you may even start doubting if he is the right guy for you. The questions like, if he has all the qualities you want from your life partner, will he support you during the tough times of your life, will he be able to take care of you for entire life, etc., might just come to your mind at this moment.

Well, it is perfectly normal to have these thoughts just before starting a new journey of your life. After all, you will be leaving your family to stay with him forever. But, believe us, the moment you will reach the venue and see his eyes full of love for you, all your fears will be gone in no time.

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#2. How will I stay without my loved ones?

It is not easy for any bride to leave behind her own family to stay with someone else for the rest of her life. And, there are quite high chances that just like most of the brides, even you would have this thought in your mind? Well, just relax and take a deep breath. While you may not be able to spend all your time with them now, just look at the brighter side. There would be so many more people to take care of you now, who would love you just the way your family did.

Ritika Malik, who recently tied the knot with her US based fiancé recounts her wedding day, “When I entered my husband’s house, everyone was so warm and welcoming that I am quite looking forward to setting up my own home in the US now.”

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#3. Will everything be as per the plan?

As you would be dreaming about this day from quite a long time, you definitely would not want anything to go out of your plans. And, this desire might just make you sceptical about all the arrangements done by you. The thoughts that are expected to come inside your mind can be, what if the weather plays a spoilsport, will the caterer provide the best quality food, what if the wedding décor is not as good as expected, and many more like these.

Well, you need to understand that you have done your part and there are others as well to take care of these arrangements. Furthermore, the luxury wedding planner, Urvashiee Arora advises, “The thumb rule generally is to get in touch with all the concerned people and check on their arrangements a day in advance. And, avoid going for any last-minute changes. This way, you can be assured that everything will be just perfect on your wedding day.”

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#4. How do I ensure being on time?

While this is one of the most common concerns of the brides on their wedding day, certain small things can easily relieve them from this problem. Here is what a wedding planner advices to all the soon-to-be brides, “I give all of my clients a schedule that tells the wedding couple when and where each of them need to be and for what. And, there is no excuse for anyone to be late for anything.”

So, if you are worried that you might not reach the venue on time due to traffic or other unforeseen delays, keep enough margins in your schedule so as to avoid any mess.

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#5. What if I look fat?

Every woman wishes to flaunt a slim figure on her wedding day. And, since not all are blessed with a perfect body, the tension that they would look fat in their wedding dress, might just find some place in their minds.

So, to help all such brides, here is what the leading wedding makeup artist, Vidya Tikari suggests, “To ensure you look stunning in your photos, hold your shoulders back and push your chin forward. Instead of looking straight at the camera, tilt your shoulders in the direction of photographer.” This will help you to create an illusion of the slimmer figure in real as well as in your wedding photogrpahs.

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#6. What if my makeup runs?

Of course, a lot of brides would be worried about the makeup lasting for entire the night. “If you’re worried that your makeup will be spoiled as you will cry during your vidaai, then here is what you can do. There are plenty of products available over the counter that you can use to seal in your makeup. You can use any good brand’s makeup sealer to do the favour for you.” advises Tikari.

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#7. Will the guests from the boy’s side like me?

Your wedding will also be the day when a lot of the guests from the groom’s side will see you for the first time. Apprehensions about their opinions, views and sentiments can totally run you down just when you want to look your best.

Relationship expert, Dr. Nisha Khanna, suggests, “Your simplicity, grace and that coyness will steal everyone’s heart away. Just strut your stuff with panache and be yourself to become the queen of everyone’s hearts.”

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#8. How would my in-laws be?

The key to feeling comfortable while entering your new home as well as making a place in your in-laws’ hearts is to start bonding with them as soon as your wedding date is finalised. Dr. Khanna, offers some simple tips to bond with your new family, “Visit your in-laws once in a while, take some gifts along when you are invited, and offer help with the serving and cleaning up. Do not act like a guest as you are a part of the family now. All of this will help build a warm, closer relationship,” she remarks.

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#9. The nervousness of the first night after wedding

Well, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one, any woman will be a little tensed about the first night after her wedding. And. even if you have had some intimate moments with your fiancé earlier as well, this will still be your most special moment of your life.

So, the best approach would be to stay open-minded about it. And, if possible, then talk about your nervousness with your fiancé over a call. This way, you would really be relieved of your worries to a great extent.

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Well, most brides come to know about all these things only when they experience it. But, as you have been fortunate enough to know them beforehand, just be prepared to deal with them much before they come to you.