9 Amazing DIY Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding


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9 Amazing DIY Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding

The idea of do-it-yourself or DIY has spurred immensely in the recent past, and has ensured its presence in our lives in some or the other way. Nowadays, many couples are even taking up the DIY projects to add a special touch to their wedding ceremonies. These easy to do crafts are a fun way to jazz up the wedding decor, and are very cost effective as well. If you also want to give a personalised touch to your wedding, then you too can take up some simple and fun DIY projects.

So, take a look at some simple yet great do-it-yourself ideas that you can try for your wedding.

#1. Floating candles centrepiece

These simple to make centrepieces are not only highly cost effective, but also look very classy and elegant. Simply buy some clear glass bowls and floating candles from a nearby store. Now, fill the containers with water. Add flower petals, leaves, stones or sticks as per your choice and theme. At last, keep the tea lights on top, light them up, and you are done.

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#2. Special photo booth

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Photo booths are slowly becoming a hot trend of the Indian weddings. Set up a customised photo booth on your wedding day. You can set up the booth with colourful handmade crafts like painted matkas, large photo frames, and many other props like these. You can also make masks expressing various moods that your guest might want to put on while being clicked in the photo booth.

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#3. Romantic homemade lanterns

Paperback lanterns have always looked pretty and can surely be a great addition to your wedding lightings. They provide a soft illumination and create a romantic ambience. Not only they are super easy to make, they are also great way to add a personal touch to the entire décor.

#4. Scrabble tiled coasters

Have a little word fun on your wedding with these word tile coasters. Simply attach the scrabble tiles on a square cardboard and you are done. You can spell out your guests' name with these tiles and use them as wedding favours.

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#5. Personalised envelop seals

Add an extra special touch to all your wedding stationery by using these simple seals on them. Just download a printable format from the internet and take a print out. Cut each of these seals in shape, write the names of your guests or any special message for them, and attach it to your wedding invitation. Another option is to write either your intials, or the initials of your guests on these seals. You can also use these seals on your RSVP cards, menus, save the dates, etc.

#6. Herb pot favours

Ditch the regular sarees and dinner sets in your favour boxes. Instead, go green and opt for a nice herb. Buy tiny pots or buckets from your nearby craft shop. Put a little soil in it, and plant your favourite herb. You can try mint, rosemary, or any other herb of your choice. Your guests surely will remember you every day through this nice and fresh present.

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#7. Handmade napkin rings

Image Source: Houzz

Impress your guests with a handmade napkin ring. These easy to make rings require a little prior planning, but at the same time, they add a great taste to any wedding. You will need to go on a mission to find loose birch barks. Simply roll the loose barks in the size of a napkin ring and attach the ends with a hot glue gun. While slipping the napkin, add a sprig of fresh mint for a refreshing fragrance.

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#8. Customised pillow covers

This is an amazing concept to give a personal touch to one of your wedding functions. You can try this for mehendi or sangeet ceremony to add some more fun. Just buy some pillow covers of different colours, and then simply glue thin ribbons on them to write down either the name of your guests or their initials. Now, put these pillows in various sitting corners to allot seat for each and every guest of yours.

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#9. Add a dash of colour

Soft and refreshing pop of colours are very much in trend in weddings these days. Simply add a few drops of food colouring to the water of your floral centrepiece, and you have a personalised wedding vase for your function. If you wish, you can also add coloured decorative balls instead of colouring the water. Not only they create a great ambience, but they also look very stylish.

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So, try these simple yet stylish DIY crafts to add a personal touch to your entire wedding decor. These efforts will make the ceremony a memorable affair not only for you, but also for your guests.

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