Top 10 Return Gifts Ideas for Wedding Guests

It is true that everyone loves gifts! And, marriage is one such occasion where couples are showered with gifts. Be it their relatives, friends or colleagues, everybody gets presents to express their happiness. So, why not reciprocate their gesture by giving them a return gift?

It will not only make them happy, but will also make them feel special and honoured. It is just a way of saying thank you to your guests. You can decide on a return gift depending upon your budget and number of guests. Here are some options that can be a perfect return gift for your wedding guests.

Eco-friendly products

Giving away eco-friendly items at your wedding is one of the best ideas. These items are unique and innovative. Hand woven baskets, table clock made from recycled wood, and organic linen are some options you can choose from. They are available in many vibrant colours, making them a perfect return gift.

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Vaastu and feng shui items

Vaastu and feng shui items also make a good choice for gifts. They also show that you wish for your guests’ happiness and prosperity. So, you can give your guests a pair of romantic Mandarin ducks, a pair of Chinese guardian lions or laughing Buddha, lucky crystals and wind chimes. Vaastu and feng shui items help in bringing positive energy in everyone’s life.

God idols

This is one gift that will definitely be liked by all and sundry. You can gift them statues of Lord Ganesha, Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvati, or any other idol you want. Idols come in various sizes, metals and designs, so make sure you pick something unique for your guests.

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Henna candles

Candles are a great gifting option, they are something that one can place as a decorative item, and also use them when the need arises. But since we are talking about weddings, here is a unique idea for you- henna candles. These candles have beautiful henna designs on them. They can further be beautified with jewels and glitter.

Jewellery boxes

Women are never short of jewellery. They always need boxes to keep their ornaments at one place for easy access. So, why not gift them something they truly need? These boxes are available in different materials and shapes. You can opt for boxes with wooden carving, meenakari work, silver plating or Victorian designs.

Handmade gifts

Handmade products are beautiful and special gifting options. You can choose anything from handmade clutches to wooden hangings. These gifts might be on a little expensive side, so if you do not have a budget constraint then indulge in something as niche as these.

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If you live in a place that is known for some famous artwork, then there can be no better gift idea than that. Paintings make a wonderful decoration pieces in every house. You have a variety of options to choose from such as Madhubani, Rajasthani, Tanjore, or even modern art.

Decorated earthen pots

If you are not constrained by budget, then decorated earthen pots or crystal vase will be the perfect gift item. Earthen pots come in various shapes and designs. You can go for some colourful ones, with traditional designs or paintings on them. Similarly, you can buy crystal vases that would give an elegant and classy look.

Sophisticated photo frames

Now, while buying photo frames, make sure you have seen all the designs. There is a huge variety of frames to choose from, such as glass, gold, wooden, handmade or ornamented ones. And if your budget permits, then you can also go for personalised photo frames.

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Personalised gift ideas

Yes, we already told you about photo frames, but do you know there are many more wedding return gifts that you can get personalised. From coffee mugs to decorative items, you can get it all personalised with the couple's name or their initials, along with their wedding date. Other than this, you can even get any of the above gifts or your gift wrappings and boxes, personalised as well.

Market is flooded with wide range of options. So, before settling on one item, it is always good to explore these options. Surprise your guests by reciprocating their love and presence with these interesting return gifts!

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