8 Incredibly Genius Beauty Tricks You Had No Idea You Could Do With A Spoon


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8 Incredibly Genius Beauty Tricks You Had No Idea You Could Do With A Spoon

You surely must be aware of the various natural ingredients in your kitchen that help you to enhance your beauty. Be it nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, or different herbs and spices, there is no dearth of such things in your kitchen that help you to look flawless and gorgeous. Apart from being an essential part of your meals, these are surely great alternatives to many cosmetic products. But, did you ever wonder how a kitchen utensil, as small as a spoon can come in handy as a beauty tool? Surprised! Well, then you must read this to find out some of the stunning beauty hacks that you can do with a spoon.

#1. Say no to mascara smudge

The perfectly matching shape of a spoon with the eyelids is something you can benefit from while you glam up your eyelashes. Just cover your eyelid with the spoon while applying mascara. This will help you to keep the eye shadow intact, and get rid of those mascara spots that are often visible on the eyelid. You can use the same trick while applying mascara on the lower eyelash.

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#2. Solution to foundation woes

Image Courtesy: Shot of Lacquer

Take a chilled spoon (not freezing cold), and run it along the fine lines of your face before applying the foundation. Make sure you run the spoon in the direction of the line. Repeat this process for a few times, and apply foundation immediately after that. This will smoothen your skin temporarily and would not allow the foundation to get layered up in the lines and creases of your face.

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#3. Contouring spot locator

The spoon is a perfect tool for contouring as well. Place the concave side of the spoon on the apples of your cheek. The area just below the spoon is the one that needs contouring. So, now you know the area where to apply contour powder.

#4. Bad breath no more

The design of a spoon not only matches up perfectly with your eyes, but also with your tongue. So, in case you are out of tongue cleaners, pick up a spoon. Use its concave side to clear your tongue of all odour causing bacteria. Its design is strong enough to remove the bacteria without harming your tongue.

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#5. Curl your eye lashes

A spoon can give really tough competition to one of your essential beauty tools, that is, the eyelash curler. Simply turn the spoon horizontally and keep its rounded edge on the upper side of your eyelash. Now, put your thumb below the eyelash and press it for a while.

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Images Courtesy: Michelle Phan Youtube Channel

Basically, the eyelash must be sandwiched between the spoon and your thumb. This would curl up the eyelashes without the help of anything else.

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#6. Remove under eye puffiness

Yes, a spoon can help you to get rid of the under eye bags as well. Just freeze two spoons overnight, and place these spoons on as well as under your eyes in the morning. While you place them under the eyes, move them in a light sweeping motion for about 30 seconds.

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Repeat for two to three times. The repetitive motion will diffuse the fluid lying underneath your eyes to other areas. At the same time, cold spoons will help to get rid of the extra puffiness.

Watch the video below to know more:

Video and Images Courtesy: Michelle Phan Youtube Channel

#7. Perfectly arched eyebrows

The curve of a large spoon can help you to attain the prefect shape for your eye brows. Place the curve under your brow, and use a brow pencil to draw a line around the boundary created by the spoon. Now, fill the gap between this line and your eyebrows to get a beautiful shape for your eyebrows.

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#8. Goodbye Pimples

Image Courtesy: Shot of Lacquer

Try to get rid of pimples with this trick instead of spending fortune on expensive creams and face wash. Place a spoon in hot water. Once the spoon is hot enough, place it on your pimple. Hold on until the spoon cools off. Be sure the spoon is not extremely hot, else you will bruise yourself.

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So, you thought that you can use a spoon only to feed yourself with delicious food? Well, we are sure not anymore your thoughts are the same. Just grab one from your kitchen and try any of these genius beauty hacks.

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