5 Worst Makeup Mistakes Of Women

Every girl is crazed in her quest for beauty almost on a daily basis. Whether it is a regular day at office or an evening out with friends, whether it is planning for her wedding or hosting a party at home, looking absolutely impeccable is a necessity, and quite expected too! But, in the pursuit of perfection, there are some common beauty blunders that might take place. Here are the five most common ones that you can easily avoid. Read on to know how.
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Dry Paint
Dry Paint

Nothing can be worse than applying foundation or dabbing compact powder on a dry face! You might make this mistake when in a hurry. However, no matter how little time you have, do not wear any makeup unless you have moisturised your face well. Makeup on dry skin becomes patchy very quickly, and the outcome can be quite a disaster. To get rid of dry, flaky skin, make sure you exfoliate your face and neck twice a week to get a smooth complexion.

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