8 Fashion Items You Thought Were Cool But Are Actually Bad For You


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8 Fashion Items You Thought Were Cool But Are Actually Bad For You

As women, we do not mind the pain that new high heels give us! We can even shiver in a backless blouse at a farmhouse wedding in the month of December, all for our love of fashion. We are also made fun of for doing all this, but we take it all in our stride.

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But ladies, jokes apart, did you know that a few fashion items that you love to flaunt are actually harming you, in more ways than one? Dealing with discomfort for a day is still acceptable, but making it a regular routine is certainly not. So, here is a list of six such fashion items that are actually bad for you.

#1. Oversized heavy bags

Big Handbags

There is no doubt that oversized, tote bags look very stylish and for some, dumping more things in a go is very convenient and time-saving. But, did you know that the excess weight of these overflowing bags (due to the number of items you stuff into them), can give you severe pain in your lower back, neck and shoulders?

What You Should Do Instead:

Always, keep shifting shoulders while carrying oversized and overfilled bags. You can also carry a smaller bag or two small bags instead of just one. Just carry your money in one small clutch, and use the other for light knick-knacks that you tend to use often. 

#2. Very high heels

High Heels

We understand the love a lot of women have for high heels, irrespective of the discomfort they provide. But the damage it can cause to your body can be serious. Wearing them regularly, and that too for a long period of time can cause irreparable damage. The hazards can include shortening of the calf muscles, spinal injury, knee damage, cramping of toes, etc.

What You Should Do Instead:

Go for more comfortable heels like kitten heels or platforms. And, restrict your high heel usage to ‘occasionally’ from ‘daily’!

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#3. Tight bras

Tight Bras

A lot of women in the world do not know their correct bra size. Also, a common myth about bras is that most women assume that wearing tight-fitted bras will give them a little more push. Ladies, there is a style known as a push-up bra for that purpose. And, wearing ill-fitted and tight bras can cause problems such as posture distortion, back pain, neck pain, breast pain, irritation of the skin, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

What You Should Do Instead:

So, the first thing you must do now is to go to a good lingerie or lifestyle store and get your correct bra size from their experts. And, then shop for the bras they suggest.

#4. Synthetic panties

Synthetic panties

Synthetic panties, no doubt, have sensuous patterns and awesome styles, but they are something you should completely avoid. The simple reason is that the synthetic material helps bad bacteria to multiply and leads to vaginal thrush, urinary tract infections, and other fungal infections.

What You Should Do Instead:

Keeping all this in mind, the wise thing to do would be to replace all your synthetic panties with cotton ones, especially for day to day use!

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#5. Skintight shapewear

Skintight shapewear

While a good shapewear will help to keep your back straight, but very tight ones are too constricting. And, you might even have problems in breathing deeply. This can also put pressure on your spine, and lead to permanent back pain.

What You Should Do Instead:

Go for shapewear with velcro or those available in adjustable sizes. This will allow you to hide the flabby areas properly and, at the same time, allow your body to breathe.

#6. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans

Fitted jeans help to enhance your beautiful toned legs. They also give an illusion of extra height. But what they do apart from this is, cut off the air supply to your skin. Skinny jeans are tight-fitted at three major points- your calves, hips and waist. Due to the pressure, they exert on the joints, they can lead to pain in your legs. Your metabolism might also slow down due to pressure on your stomach.

What You Should Do Instead:

Opt for straight fit jeans that fit you perfectly at the waist, for a happier body inside and out!

#7. Flip flops

Flip flops

Flip flops have now become a common footwear style in every girl's shoe rack. They are not good for extensive walking as they offer no support to the arch of the foot, and do not even cushion the heel, or absorb shock. So, you can suffer from foot pain, orthopaedic issues like tendinitis, and even sprained ankles, if you trip. Also, cracking of the heels due to exposure to pollution and dirt is also possible.

What You Should Do Instead:

Alternate your flip-flops with different kinds of footwear, such as sports shoes or ballet shoes.

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#8. Heavy necklaces and earrings

Heavy necklaces and earrings

Our tender necks, as it is, have to balance a heavy head! Add to that, the weight of a heavy necklace and it can create tension in your neck, lead to a change in your posture, and also affect your back. Also, earrings that weigh on your earlobes can strain them. If worn too often, they can permanently stretch your piercing hole.

What You Should Do Instead:

Go for trendy yet really light neckpieces and earrings. If anything is heavy in your hand, then it should not go on your neck and ears.

So, girls ponder over all these fashion issues and see if you are falling into the trap of harming your body just too often. Maybe you can follow our alternatives and save yourself a lot of trouble!

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