8 Cool And Refreshing Beverages For An Indian Summer Wedding


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8 Cool And Refreshing Beverages For An Indian Summer Wedding

Scorching and sultry, no we are not describing a Bollywood actress; we are talking about intense summer heat. This is one of the biggest reasons why people avoid a summer wedding. While the idea of donning sleeveless and backless cholis makes it a charming season for the brides and all the female guests, braving the hot and humid summer air is the only thing that everyone dreads about a summer wedding.

So, if you are having a summer wedding, provide a refreshing respite to your guests with the help of these fun and cool beverages.

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#1. Miniature golas

Full-sized golas can be a little difficult for your guests to savour. Besides, who would want to be stuck with just one flavour? So, let your guests relish miniature golas in shot glasses, as you take your pheras.

Image Courtesy: My Tasty Curry (left), Zee Khana Khazana (top-right), Aapplemint (bottom-right)

Fun flavours: Move over kala-khatta or orange as gola makers now offer flavours, like kokum gola, rabdi gola, chocolate gola, kacchi kairi, and a lot more.

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#2. Iced tea

Needless to say, most of the Indians love tea. So, your guests will definitely enjoy an icy-cool glass of this beverage.

Fun flavours: Try out peach, lemon, strawberry, raspberries, and even ginger flavoured iced tea.

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#3. Cold coffee

You would not want coffee-lovers to sulk while your tea-loving guests sip on their delicious iced tea. Cold coffee is a summer favourite, and surely, no one would be able to keep their hands off it.

Fun flavours: Cold coffee should be served in miniature glasses, so that your guests can try out its variations. Offer them a choice of toppings, like chocolate syrup, marshmallows or premium ice creams. You can also serve spiced cold coffee with some orange rinds, or chilled espresso shots, etc.

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#4. Aam panna

How can you leave out the king of fruits while talking about summer beverages? Aam panna or fresh juice of raw green mangoes is an all time favourite.

Image Courtesy: Lekha Foods

Fun flavours: Aam panna is a classic, and you really should not mess with it. But, serve it with interesting toppings like mint, basil and crunchy boondi.

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#5. Lassi

There is nothing like a tall glass of lassi to cool you down during hot and humid summers. So, add it to your menu, especially if you are serving Indian cuisine to your guests.

Fun flavours: Mango lassi is such a passé, you need to serve your guests something different and exciting. So, go for chocolate lassi, dry fruit lassi, honey, angoori lassi or even pina-colada lassi to make your guests happy.

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#6. Granita and Sorbet

Though traditionally served as desserts, both sorbet and granita make excellent summer coolers.

Fun flavours: Add a new dimension to your menu with pineapple, lime and ginger, chocolate and cherry, and buttermilk sorbet with fresh fruits. You can try out tomato and basil, rose, lemon and watermelon flavours for granitas.

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#7. Nimbu paani

Yes, the simple and homely nimbu paani can be served with a twist to your guests in your summer wedding.

Fun flavours: Try out ginger lemonade, watermelon and mint lemonade, thyme-flavoured lemonade, and so on.

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#8. Thandai

Though most famously served during Holi, thandai is another rich drink that you can serve at your wedding. It is traditionally made with almonds and milk, but you can always ask your caterers to change the recipe a little, and serve something innovative at your wedding.

Image Courtesy: eRecipe Guide

Fun flavours: Thandai is known for its bold flavours, so try variations like honey thandai, dry fruit thandhai, chocolate thandai, or kesar thandai.

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So, to make sure that your guests enjoy your wedding completely, do not forget to share these cool and refreshing drinks ideas for your wedding with your caterer.



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