8 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Honey On Your Skin


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8 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Honey On Your Skin

Though usually associated with Winnie the Pooh and weight loss, raw honey is a very good treatment for skin. Considered to be safe even for sensitive skin, honey is the perfect natural remedy for every girl's complete skincare. The daily grind of normal life may give you anxiety and stress, which starts reflecting on your face. With the use of honey, any girl can look her best with the glowing and radiant skin.

So, let us tell you all about the benefits of honey!

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#1. Radiant skin

If you do not want to get freckles or sunburn, then honey is the thing for you. Applying a mixutre of of honey and rose water can have instant brightening effect on the skin. Wash this off with cold water to see a fairer glow on your face.

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You can also prepare a face mask by mixing honey with multani mitti and lemon juice. Apply this on your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. The antioxidant property of honey makes it a wonderful natural sunscreen.

#2. Skin nourishment

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, applying honey can bring lustre to even the most dull and lifeless skin. This is why, it is exactly what you need to add to your skin care regime. Honey also helps to keep your skin smooth and supple. Just add a few drops of honey to your regular face mask to benefit from its goodness.

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#3. Anti-ageing remedy

Talking about keeping the skin soft and supple brings us to the anti-ageing properties of this wonderful natural ingredient. Being rich in amazing antioxidants, honey helps to keep signs of ageing at bay, and it also boosts the production of collagen that makes skin look younger.

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#4. Natural moisturiser

Another property of honey, to act as a humectant, makes it draw moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated for a longer time. You can look fresh even after a tiring day, if your skin is properly hydrated. If you want to naturally moisturise your skin instantly, rub generous amount of honey for five minutes on your face, before gently rinsing it off with warm water. To experience its brightening effect, mix it with milk cream, and massage it on your face for some time.

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#5. Natural cleanser

You can have instant glowing and soft skin, sans blemishes, by using honey as a face wash, twice a week. Applying a paste of honey and tomatoes can yield clear skin, as both have astringent and antioxidant properties. Honey also helps to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells.

Mixing honey with lemon juice and sugar will give you a great skin exfoliator, which can work wonders for your skin.

#6. Fight acne and scars

Apart from cleansing the skin, honey is a great remedy for acne marks and scars. The antimicrobial property of honey makes it ideal as a natural solution for those with a tendency for skin breakouts, or those who have scars on their face. An overnight honey face mask can de-stress the skin. Applying honey directly to the affected area can help to lighten blemishes and scars.

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#7. Body bath

During the winters, harsh weather can leave your skin dry and dehydrated. A 15-minute soak in a honey bath, made up of two cups honey and one cup baking soda added to the bath water, can exfoliate the dead skin. This warm bath will not only pamper your skin, but also bless it with moisture, nourishment, and a natural glow.

#8. Lip care

Honey can also help you take care of dry and chapped lips. Prepare a natural lip scrub by mixing honey with equal quantity of brown sugar, and rub that on your lips for five minutes before rinsing it off. You can also apply honey regularly on your lips to get pink and kissable lips.

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Now that you know all the amazing beauty benefits of honey, add this to your beauty kit. Various beauty problems, and one natural solution, what more can you ask for?