7 Offbeat Engagement Ring Photographs To Have In Your Album


By Sharanya Manola Last Updated:

7 Offbeat Engagement Ring Photographs To Have In Your Album

A gorgeous shot of your engagement rings is a must have in your wedding album for a simple reason, it is special for the two of you. Also, there’s no harm in flaunting your wedding bands, either on your wedding day or in your wedding photos!

So, we decided to research a bit and pick up a handful of creative engagement rings shots for you all. Have a look at some of the best shots!

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#1. Ringscape a new rage

Image Courtesy: Memories Of Tomorrow Photography

We are in love with these photographs by the very talented Peter Adams-Shawn who has been experimenting with ringscape shots since 2012. In such a shot, your rings work as a canvas for your photographer to capture the reflection of two of you along with the scenic landscape. The result is magical!  Don’t you think?

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#2. Hand print on the beach

Image Courtesy: Navin Varma Photography

We’ve all seen beach photos of couples, walking hand-in-hand against the beautiful backdrop of a sunrise or a sunset and also those foot print shots. But, we have never seen hand prints! It was very innovative of the photographer to photograph handprints of the fingers adorned with engagement rings. We hope the couple picked up the rings before the waves made their way to the shore!

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#3. On a fragile stem

Image Courtesy: Stories By Joseph Radhik

If a ringscape shot is out of question, then this is the way to go. We all have plants in the precincts of our home or in the lawn. All you need to do is give the rings to your photographer so that he/she is able to get such a beautiful shot. We love how the rings sit on this fragile stem, almost as if telling how relationships are fragile if not dealt with care.

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#4. Between flower petals or on a leaf

Image Courtesy: Stories By Joseph Radhik

These are pretty much classic shots, but since you just can’t go wrong with it, we listed it for you all to have a look if you don’t want to experiment much! After all, every photograph and perspective behind it, is subjective.

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#5. On your heels

Image Courtesy: Anupa Shah Photography

You wouldn’t have thought of it or did you? Take your wedding ring off for a bit to sit on your heels for a perfectly sassy photograph! It’s getting more and more difficult for us to choose our favourite from this list! You can ask your groom’s ring too to sit with yours.

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#6. Muffin delight

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

If the two of you have a sweet tooth then you can definitely get a muffin or two to celebrate. Make sure you take one such similar shot before you eat it and don’t forget to flush it down with a glass of wine! Cheers!

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#7. For the history buff

Image Courtesy: YourPieceOfLifePhotography

Forts are hot spots for pre-wedding shoots, but we’ve not really seen such a shot of rings. This is definitely food for thought for all future brides and grooms to identify a place most suited to put the rings for a photo memory like this one.

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What do you think of these photographs guys? We think it’s simpler for you to decide now. You can take inspiration from our top picks and have a conversation with your photographer. Who knows you guys come up with even better photo ideas! In any case don’t forget to frame your ring shots for they are priceless!