6 Things You Can Do If You Are Not Happy With The Bridal Outfit That You Just Bought


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6 Things You Can Do If You Are Not Happy With The Bridal Outfit That You Just Bought

There would hardly be any woman, who would not want to look like a princess on her wedding day. And, what is that one most important thing, which helps her to fulfil this desire? Well, it certainly is her wedding dress. And, as soon as her wedding date is finalised, finding the perfect wedding dress is always in her mind.

Well, all our brides-to-be out there, we know you too have been imagining yourself dressed up in a beautiful outfit ever since your wedding was fixed. But, what if the dress that you selected just a few months, weeks, or maybe days back, is now giving you nightmares, and you are having second thoughts about it?

While the reason behind the same can be anything, we give you a few practical ideas to help yourself in this crisis.   

#1. Get a second opinion

Try to get a second opinion from a close friend, your sister or cousins, or from someone whose judgment you trust. Sometimes, the problem lies just in your mind while the dress actually looks stunning on you. Even if you do not feel satisfied after taking an opinion, then think of other alternatives.

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#2. Try to get it exchanged

A lot of good wedding wear stores have an option of exchanging the outfit before the wedding if it is unused and unaltered. They will not refund your money, but will allow you to get something of the same value.

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#3. Accessories to the rescue

Right accessories can add glamour, style and grace to your otherwise dull look. If you feel your lehenga is a little light in terms of colour or embellishments, accessorise it with bold and beautiful intricate jewellery pieces.

For example, if your choli looks somewhat plain, then wear a kamarband to spice up your look. Just make sure you balance your entire look by wearing stunning jewellery pieces from head to toe.

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#4. Change the drape

Another thing you can do is to change the drape of your outfit. If you are going to wear a saree, get help from your stylist or get on on YouTube for hundreds of ways to learn to drape a saree. For a lehenga, play around with different draping styles of dupatta and chose the one that suits you the best. Maybe, you did not wear it the right way while trying it on your own at home. So, all that you might be needing to fall in love with your outfit once again is, a different or shall we say, 'the right' way of wearing it!

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#5. Get the right makeup

Bridal makeup can make or break your wedding day look. If your makeup is rightly done, the attention would automatically be shifted to your pretty face than your outfit. So, if your outfit is just too bright and overdone than what you are wishing it to be now, simply go for nude makeup.

And, if it is the other way round, then go for a little bold makeup by opting for hot lipstick shades or loud eye colours. In other words, just get the right look to blend your dress and makeup to look your gorgeous best.

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#6. Be more confident  

Have a little faith in yourself and your decision. After all, you chose the outfit yourself! And, even if it was a gift from your in-laws, they too would have put in a lot of effort to find you the perfect dress. So, it cannot really be as bad as you are thinking it to be, right? In fact, your confidence matters a lot on how would you look in it. If you would feel good about your wedding dress, you will be able to carry it with panache and look totally stunning in it.

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At the end, just remember one thing- no bride can ever look bad on such a beautiful day of her life. The glow on your face and the happiness of getting married takes the focus off trivial things. So, be happy and just don’t forget to wear your beautiful smile throughout the wedding ceremony.