6 Reasons Why Marrying Your School Friend Is An Awesome Idea


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6 Reasons Why Marrying Your School Friend Is An Awesome Idea

You know him/her since he/she was in nursery. You have played, studied, bunked classes and done all sorts of mischievous things together. You know what food he/she likes the most, as often your lunch box was stolen by him/her. You also are his/her confidant of all those secrets which made him/her laugh, cry or emotional.

You lived a life with him/her as both of you grew up together, but took different paths only to pursue higher education in college and ended up in different cities for work.

Now, you are ready to get hitched. And, destiny is giving you a chance to be partners, this time for life. Before you rule it out, here we give you reasons why you should marry your school friend.

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#1. Handling marriage is not easy, but it becomes easier when your partner knows how to fill in the weaknesses

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As a person you have your strengths and weaknesses. A relationship like marriage often fails, when one cannot handle the weaknesses of the other. To keep the relationship running, it ends up with one of the partner on the compromising end, but this way it does not last long. When you marry your school pal, he or she is aware of your weaknesses and knows how to fill in for it, that is what friends do.

#2. The course of accommodating your partner's preferences is much stress-free as you have done it before also

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I like sweets or I hate late night parties, I love to shop or I can’t stand untidy house- these kinds of preferences, liking, disliking can be endless when two adults of two different mentalities are paired to be life partners. At times, one might give in to the demands of their partner, or at times it might end up on a bitter note. But if you are marrying your school friend, you are not only aware but are also used to each other’s preferences, and have accommodated them earlier without a fuss. Thus, even as husband and wife the entire process of adjustment becomes quite hassle-free.

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#3. You do not have to dress to impress all the times

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Yes, it is one of the greatest advantages. They have seen you in your worst dressed avtar as well. You were together and even his slipping pant or her untidy hairdo after a game at the playground didn’t impact your friendship. Of course you are an adult now. But, you have your days when do not look the best of you, the stunning-uber-attractive-charming self. However, it makes no difference for him/her, as you are just ‘you’ to him/her, beauty, looks and charm does not really matter.

#4. Life becomes fun when the man and the woman had been playmates

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Yes, this is the loveliest reason. You have been together when you were toddlers and turned teenagers, living moments of such immense fun. It ranged from playing pee-ka-boo to bunking class to watch a movie or tricking one with a prank. You still cherish those moments, and they make you laugh whenever you re-collect them no matter how upset you are. Why grow up? Keep that innocent heart as well as the mind young. There can be no one better partner than the one with whom you have your childhood memories. 

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#5. You can find a great confidant in him/her and those secrets are safe with him/her

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These days, spending a few months or couple of years are not enough. But, it is about the person with whom you have spent over a decade and who also have seen your highs and lows, there is a chance that he/she can be your greatest confidant. It is much safe to repose trust in your buddy from school days. From your best to worst feelings, dreams, aims, deep and dark secrets can be shared with your significant other, without being vulnerable.

#6. Growing old with your school buddy can be the best experience

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You have spent the tender years of your life together. Even during the crucial adolescence you have been with each other, living the difficulties this stage of life throws at you. Similarly, as you marry that friend from your school, you will be passing not only the best phases of your life i.e. 20’s, 30’s and 40’s but also be growing old together. Your bonding will be one-of-its-kind strong ties. It can be the best experience you can have.

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A marriage becomes successful when the husband and wife share a bonding of friends, sans ego, attitude or arrogance. So, give it a thought if that friend from your school proposes you for marriage.