6 Reasons Married Couples Should Be Jealous Of Their Single Friends


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6 Reasons Married Couples Should Be Jealous Of Their Single Friends

Marriage means entering a new and different phase of life. Life changes by leaps and bounds after marriage. But, the happiness of finding that special someone comes along with a whole lot of extra baggage. Sometimes, just to make a marriage work, let alone 'live happily ever after', becomes a huge task.

And, gradually a time comes, when you see your single friends having the time of their lives and you turn green with jealousy. Their lives become a reminiscent of the life you once lived before tying the knot. So, what is it that makes singlehood more desirable again? Take a look:

#1. You miss your freedom

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Most married people will agree to this unanimously (at least those who are out of their honeymoon phase). Marriage takes away your freedom from you. Your decisions and actions have to be in sync with your partner. On the other hand, your single friends can eat whatever, sleep whenever, go wherever and meet whoever!

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#2. You cannot spend your money the way you want

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Your friends are splurging all their money on shopping, spa treatments and holidays without giving a care in the world. But, you have to think hard before stepping out with them. Your finances are not just yours anymore. After spending on household necessities, EMI’s, children, etc., whatever little money is left is usually not enough.

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#3. You have lost your personal space

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When you promise to share your life with someone, it means ‘literally’ sharing everything in your life. Seeing your friends having their rooms (and their lives) all to themselves, will make you flinch occasionally. Imagine, they have a sole control over that TV remote, they can leave their dirty dishes in the sink for a day, and they can listen to loud music whenever they like. Well, who does not crave for that personal space?

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#4. You have lost your peace of mind

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Your single friends worry about their studies, career, flings or at the most, their looks. But, your list of worries goes much beyond that. Apart from yourself, you are also responsible for your spouse, your in-laws, your kids, your house and much more. Well, peace of mind is definitely one thing which is not there in this list right now.

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#5. Your career has taken a backseat

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While you watch your single friends advance in their careers, yours might be hitting a few occasional bumps. Single people have the liberty to choose or change their career and grow in it. Not many married people, especially women, can do so. Married couples have to think of many things, like the nature of job, work timings, location, etc. The singles can devote more time to their work and are free to relocate for better job opportunities, whenever and wherever they like.

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#6. Your friends do not have in-laws... You do!

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The most dreaded word in the whole world! Do your single friends ever complain that all you talk, or ‘cringe’ about is your in-laws? Well, that is true for most married people. The blessed singles do not understand it because they do not have to deal with it. We say, that is enough reason to envy them, right?

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Time to turn the tables!

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We just want to say that 'grass is always greener on the other side'. As you might go green for the want of freedom and spontaneity that your single friends enjoy, on the other hand, they might be jealous of your perfectly settled life! According to a recent survey, it came forward that about 63 % single women are jealous of their married friends. Well, marriage does add a new charm and excitement to our lives.

Giving love to someone who loves you back forever brings in a sense of fulfilment. We say, there is no harm in reminiscing your 'single' life. But, while you had personal space back then, you have unconditional love of your spouse with you now.

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So, 'single' or 'taken', which status do you feel jealous of? Do share your feelings with us in the comment section below.

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