5 Best Jewellery Shopping Tips For Brides With Metal Allergy


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5 Best Jewellery Shopping Tips For Brides With Metal Allergy

Every woman loves to adorn herself with beautiful and precious jewellery. But, a lot of them are not able to fulfil this desire if they are allergic to some metals. And, for a soon-to-be bride with such a problem, it becomes even more difficult as she cannot even give jewellery a miss on her wedding day. However, being aware of certain things about this problem can help a bride don the best jewellery without causing any allergy to her skin.

So, for all our brides-to-be who are allergic to metals, we give you complete details about the common reasons behind this problem, and the tips to find the perfect jewellery for yourself.

Common causes of allergy from jewellery

One of the common reasons of allergy is the presence of nickel in your jewellery. This metal causes irritation when it dissolves in water and forms salt. So, when you apply perfume or any other lotion on your skin, the moisture facilitates the formation of salts that get into your skin and cause irritation.

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Similar reaction takes place through sweating. Other metals that cause allergy in some individuals are, copper and cobalt. And, in very rare cases, gold and silver also cause irritations.

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Best ways to avoid metal allergy

Now that you know about the possible reasons behind your problem, take a look at the options that you have, and the precautions that you must take:

#1. Go for hypoallergenic jewellery

This type of jewellery is the best option for the brides with metal allergy. Hypoallergenic jewellery is made of pure metals like platinum, 18 karat gold, titanium, copper and fine silver. Famous jewellery designer, Shillpa Purii says, “Brides with metal allergies must be particularly careful and should opt for hypoallergenic jewellery, which has high content of the precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, titanium and stainless steel."

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Image Courtesy: Shillpa Purii Designs

However, not all might be able to afford such a high-quality jewellery. For such brides, Shillpa Purii gives the solution, "If a bride is keen on purchasing semi-precious jewellery, but is apprehensive due to allergy possibilities, then too there are some options. They can have all the pieces of jewellery made in silver with at least one gram of gold, just like we provide in our jewellery designs. This helps in negating an allergic reaction and also ensures a better product quality."

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#2. Consult your dermatologist

If your skin shows symptoms like, redness, swelling, itchiness, dryness, etc., when you wear jewellery, then there are high chances that you are allergic to one of the metals present in it. However, it is still suggested that you get the same confirmed by a dermatologist.

This way, you will get to know the exact metal to which you are allergic, and hence, you will be able to avoid those metals. Also, they can then suggest you some good lotions and moisturisers to protect your skin from this allergy.

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#3. Be informed about the quality

Once you are aware of the metals you are allergic to, go only with those that suit your skin. Always ask your jeweller about the content of each type of metal present in the jewellery that you wish to purchase.

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Mr. Mayank Soni, Managing Director, M.B. Group of Jewellers (MBj), says, “Metal allergies should not keep the brides from wearing beautiful and exquisite jewellery. One must always check the quality of the jewellery before making new purchases. Whether you buy gold, platinum, sterling silver or stainless steel, make sure it is of high quality and is not mixed with other metals like nickel or copper.”

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#4. Create a barrier

As your skin reacts to metal only when it comes in contact with it, you can prevent this reaction by creating a barrier between the two. So, if you already have a piece of jewellery that causes allergic reaction to your skin, then give it your jeweller to plate it with a metal that does not harm your skin. However, you will have to keep getting it re-coated on a regular basis, depending upon how frequently you wear it.

You can also apply a coat of nail paint on it to create this barrier on your own. Furthermore, always try to wear a barrier item like light cloth, between your skin and jewellery.

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#5. Keep them clean

One of the most important things to be taken care of, so as to avoid metal allergy is, to ensure that the jewellery you wear is clean.

A soft toothbrush is ideal for cleaning jewellery items, and is essential especially for the brides who have metal allergies. This curbs the skin irritation problem to a great extent.

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So, all the beautiful brides with metal allergies should not be disappointed anymore. Just follow these simple tips and get ready to flaunt your elegant taste on your wedding day.   

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