5 Amazing Ways To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Your Guests


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5 Amazing Ways To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Your Guests

Yes, your wedding is the most memorable event in your life. But, wouldn’t you want it to be an unforgettable affair for your guests as well? Well, you certainly would love it if your relatives and friends also cherish it as much as you do. Well, it is not that difficult to add some fun memories of your wedding in the minds of your guests and make their experience enjoyable.

We give you some easy and simple ways by which you can make your marriage a truly pleasant and pleasurable affair for all your invitees.

#1. Showing gratitude

Your guests may have come from some distant places, just to be a part of your celebration and share your joy. Also, they might have induced cost and taken out special time just to give their solemn blessings. You should be more than grateful and welcome them, and appreciate their presence.

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You can do so by giving personalised thank you notes or presenting them their favourite flowers as a welcome gesture. You can also thank them by specially customised bookmarks or luggage tags. Such small gestures go in a long way to strengthen a relationship.

#2. Wedding guest book

A certainly unique but interesting way to make your guests feel special is by asking them to fill a wedding guest book. It is one of the hottest trends in the Indian wedding scenario right now. It might not be possible for you to have an intimate conversation with each guest during the wedding. On the other hand, your guests may want to share a lot with you. Herein, a wedding guest book is the best way to involve them in your celebration.

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You can go as much creative as you want with the wedding guest book. You can have your pre-wedding photos or narrate your love story through it. And to make sure that you capture all the good wishes and blessings of your guests, you can add some questions in the guest book for them to fill.

A wedding guest book can be professionally designed, and can have themes to suit your taste. One company that has really captured this new trend in India beautifully is Photojaanic. A guest book can indeed create fine memories and you can cherish them for years to come.

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#3. Personalised gifts

Instead of giving a common gift to all the guests irrespective of whether they will like it or not, it is a wonderful idea to give them some personalised gifts instead. 

How about gifting them a beautiful mugs, which have their name and photos on it? Or give them a decorative piece with their initials on it. You can also send them a collage poster of their pictures clicked during your wedding. 

Want to get more quirky, you can also send your guests personalised playing cards or mousepad. Your guests will surely love and preserve your gifts for a long time.

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#4. Involve them in your love story

Many of the guests coming to your wedding might be curious to know about how you two met, and how your love blossomed. As, you might not meet them soon after your wedding, so why not give them a glimpse of your love story so that they really feel like a part of the story? 

As the idea of telling stories through videos is quite a hot trend these days, you can also try this one. You can get it made before your wedding, and play it on the big day so that everyone can see it. But what after the wedding is over? Well in this case, we have a very interesting idea for you. You can have a personalised calendar whereby in each month, you can show different phases of your relationship through the photographs.

The guests will not only feel involved, but will also cherish your efforts to make them a part of your journey.

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#5. Making the ceremony lively and entertaining

It is necessary to ensure your guests have enough options to entertain themselves in your wedding, so that they do not feel bored or out of place. You can have innumerable options like arranging a small activity area where small children can indulge in some playful activities with other kids. As the kids usually love unique stationary products, you can even have some personalised notepads with the couple photo on the cover, or colour pens for them. 

For adults, you can have a photo studio with many interesting props. They surely will have great time while posing for some fun and interesting pictures.

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These simple ideas may not add much to your budget, but will definitely add some great moments of your wedding in the lives of your guests to cherish forever. These ideas will definitely touch the right chord with your guests and strengthen your bond further.

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